Date : 11/05/21
Hare : Twinkle Toes
Scribe :
Hounds : 41     Dogs : 10
Recorded distance : 11.07 km
Recorded time : 84.35 min
Uphillness : 225.61 ft
Extra pre-hash info

The long is 6 miles with a 650ft elevation and the short is 3 miles with 350ft elevation. The run starts at the Golden Cross public house. I have spoken to the landlord who is happy for us to park in his car park if we are planning on drinking or eating post run.

He asks that we ring and book tables in advance please.
(01494) 565974

A word of caution! My hash crosses the Bradenham road at the beginning and half way round both the long and short routes. This is a very fast road. Please take care and keep doggies on leads at these two crossings.

I have provided OS maps for both groups but I will be putting down lots of flour on Tuesday morning so hopefully you won’t get lost?

Kind regards Twinkle Toes

Download a map of the long route

Download a map of the short route


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