Date : 18/01/22
Hare : Nice Butt
Scribe :
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.99 km
Recorded time : 97.02 min
Uphillness : 184.29 ft

Sooper said he was happy to do the write up. [ed... but he hasn't yet so you've just got these notes from the GM...]

Very nasty hole in the road (track) when entering the pub car park. Lots of cars grounded, by the sound, when entering. [ed can confirm].

Hawkeye was one of the last to enter, in his range rover, sounding like a tank. [ed probably knocked his silencer off in the ruts]

Livvy (bless her soul) said, as he passed, that she didn’t realise he had such a big one (car). [ed. he also has an old one]

Run remarkably dry, helped as we were running high up.

At first L/S split, Tim stood on a tree stump to address us all. This picture came to mind.


Shortly after, Billy Whizz jumped on a large felled tree, walked along it a short way and fell off. Quite a distance to the ground. Rio tried to pick up the tree.

Paul and I fell behind. As we went across Downley Common, down a slope to a road, I moosed. Mud on bum and legs. Location loudly.leans.pill. I found out later, in the pub, that Betty had moosed at the very same place.

Judging by the conversation and the traditional antics, hashing is getting back to its normal organised disorder.