Date : 15/09/09
Hare : Moist
Scribe : Doormat
Hounds : 33     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

Summer running is well and truly over now! It had been cold all day leading up to Phil's run from the Royal Standard and to cap thing off it was now raining. I was tempted (more to do with the fact it was my turn to pen the hash report than the rain) to give it a miss but Roz was having none of it and insisted we go, so blame her for this drivel.

Fortunately the rain had eased as the hash gathered but it is torches from the off now, proper autumn hashing. The tone of the hash was set right from the first check when Graham and Roger called on-on straight along the road. Hashers being hashers the majority decided to go right into Sheepcote Wood instead, even ignoring the upside-down on inn. When order was regained the hash headed off towards Odds Farm the shorts peeled of left and the longs carrying on through a mobile home park then across Wooburn Common.

Having the memory span of a gold fish I really don't know where we went from there. I've spent most of today studying Multi Map to try and cobble something together, so this may be an accurate summery of where we went or more likely a complete work of fiction.

The longs may or may not have doubled back along Green Common Lane before heading to Dipple Wood and Over's Farm. We possibly ran through Mill Wood because we definitely emerged from some woods and stopped to admire the view across the valley to Wooburn Green, the M40 and Ade's house before a long descent to a lane that might have been Windsor Hill. The rout could have dropped into Wooburn Green, zig zagged through a residential area before entering Wooburn Manor Park. Here a group of hoodies did their best to create a smoke screen or should that be skunk screen to hide the trail but the intrepid hashers took a deep breath and carried on regardless.

After a long downhill there is the inevitable pay back and this came in the form of a long grind up through Wash Hill Wood or maybe not. Natasha did point out that the pub was just a short way along the road at the top of the hill which is indeed true and as it was by now 9.30 it was a very fair assumption to make - but Phil hadn't finished with us yet. Instead we went back down hill in the opposite direction through Farm Wood. By now thoughts were turning to hares and disembowelment until Phil's car came into sight parked in Broad Lane, this could mean one of two things - Phil's into dogging or a beer stop. Needless to say it was a beer stop but with Champagne, muffins and birthday cake as well as beer. The occasion for these treats was Janet's birthday, I couldn't make out the number on the cake but Gerry did venture it was 21 again, a blatant lie as Janet must be pushing 35.

On the way back to the pub there was one last chance for the hash to go the wrong way, going as we did down Coach Alley instead of Sheepcote Wood where we had already seen the on inn.

Back in the pub the treats continued with more cake and plenty of chips. Thanks Phil for a great run and Janet for the cake and chips, sorry if this report has nothing to do with where we really went

PS we all need to keep an eye (or preferably a lead) on Gerry as, at a this week’s hash venue, he holds the record for getting lost, losing both his way and the rest of the hash whilst still in the car park!