All the hashes set by Gritty-Arsed Fox

Reason for hash name: Rather like a cryptic crossword clue this one...bear with...take another word for 'easily angered' and combine that with gangster slang for a 'sharp-tongued lady' = 'Flamey Bearcat'. However, please don't discuss the origins of this hash name with Nicky...or else she may get p*ssed off and give you a piece of her mind...not that her hash name is anyway apt, appropriate, or fitting!

Also known as: Zac's mummy

Most likely to say: "Watch out...it's slippery down here...Oops, there I go again!"

Least likely to say: 

What the hash think...

Gritty-Arsed Fox
The Boot
Bledlow Ridge
The Swan
Great Kimble
Gritty-Arsed Fox & Scribbler
Charlotte & Zac's Wedding Hash
The Bird in Hand
Princes Risborough
Gritty-Arsed Fox & Scribbler
The April Fool's Red Dress Run
The Harrow
Hughenden Valley
Scribbler & Gritty-Arsed Fox
Murder Mystery Hash #2
The Pink & Lily
Parslow's Hillock
Scribbler & Gritty-Arsed Fox
A Murder Mystery Hash