Chip Advisor


Date : 01/03/11
Hare : Sooper
Scribe : Rocky Road
Hounds : 26     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.34 km
Recorded time : 80.08 min
Uphillness : 500.00 ft

Well I did have a nice birthday last week, so what more could I do than offer to scribe in Mick’s absence! Apparently Kent has more to offer on a Tuesday night - Herne Bay or was it Margate? - certainly castles to visit - the joys of retirement eh Mick!

But I digress, even though Mick’s trip was the topic under discussion early on in the hash. Other short cutters were missing too - hope you get running soon Kerry and what of Audrey?

So off we went having been told the Long was 5ish and the Short 4ish. No quick decisions like last week then Nick!

We had a nice gentle downhill start across open country to Cookham Rise ( the map tells me). There are houses on the map so we must have passed these (do I remember? Does anyone remember? Do they care!) Then a right turn took us onto a footpath across more open country to Long Lane. Is this where Ken and Anthony caught us up, being grateful to Dave for some early directions? Right along Long Lane and ‘walking’ Roger, who was still with us, was discussing waves and frequencies in depth with Gerry (Ed's Aside: actually we were discussing evanescent waves, which are a Quantum Mechanical effect related to total internal reflection and quantum tunneling, which then moved on to dark matter, dark energy, string theory and supersymmetry, but if Maggie had told you that it may well have put you off reading on further, which would be a shame) who had become ‘walking’ Gerry at this point.

We passed a parked car with two occupants and there was much speculation as to why they were parked in such a lonely spot (there is a lovely view across to somewhere either Maidenhead or Marlow maybe?)

I expect the sight of 30 runners all with torches freaked them out for a while!!

So, there is Beeching Grove Wood on the map. Do you remember that? Also a long short split which “wasn’t worth taking”. Sooper persuaded the short-cutters that 4 is the same as 5 and that some interesting heritage sites would be missed! And....... sure enough we arrive at a short path into a wood to find the site of ‘Cooper’s’ Tile and Brick works, (not a relation I’m told).

A two way arrow meant there was a choice of route and the eager hashers set off in both directions while I and 3 others, who shall remain nameless, stopped to examine the very interesting National Trust map of the area - I was researching material for the write up - but only gleaned that there was a short route of 500m and a long route of 800m. Sooper kept the bulk of the pack on the Long Route whilst Kevin + another swiftly ran back to win the ‘race’, realising they had cut it a “tiny bit” short.

After that excitement we backtracked to the road - no not throught the locked gate, back to the kissing gate oops! Those clever people with a sense of direction thought we were near Pinkney’s Green at this point. Pinkney’s Green is down the A404 nearly in Maidenhead, so I was doubtful, but what do I know - but looking at the map they were right!

We reached Winter Hill Road and soon there was a chance for the short cutters to make good progress along the road while the silly Long Cutters went to find some shiggy in the woods ( me too, as I felt guilty I didn’t do the 800m circuit).

We found some really good shiggy in true hashing style but horror of horrors, we then stuck to the road after that. Sooper had tried to set across a field and found there was too much mud!! NOOOO! I can’t believe it! Too much for us hardy hashers. We’re used to swimming across deep puddles and wading in shiggy up to our armpits!

Well, you have heard of health and safety rules - there were dangerous holes too apparently! Ahhh!

So past more lovely houses - Cookhamdean Common the map tells me, across a common to a National Trust sign ‘Bigfrith’, where there was another ‘little’ common and on down the road past the ‘closed’ village stores, another pub and a school and a church ( now I’m so observant) to the best ON INN ever - a gentle down hill on the road AND we’re all back by 9:15p.m. to a lovely pub and great chips - thanks Sooper for those and a good run - and another ‘Feliz compleanos’ to me and some fudge.

Hope you all had a good 20th anniversary run and nosh on Sunday! Perhaps Mick will scribe that one!