Date : 07/05/13
Hare : Moist
Scribe : Moose
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.16 km
Recorded time : 76.58 min
Uphillness : 637.20 ft
Hello. So here it is, a runs report, or if your about, say 55 or so, your weekly reminder as to where you were,  and what you were doing this time last week. If your lucky enough to be younger than that, then your weekly alibi as to where you were, and what you were doing, this time last week. Now I've thought about this, maybe not a good idea to use the hash as an alibi. Well, you could if you want, but you know, its your risk!!

So, tuesday night, warm, dry, late evening sun, a pub with a large carpark loads of room, lots of hashers, a few dogs, and a representative, from our Canadian office, in the shape of none other than Sam himself. Son of Sam has a new daughter, which makes Sam a grandad, but more noticeable to some people was the new shorts, Slightly longer than the last pair, but then dignity must  be upheld now we are a grandfather.  

Speaking of being a grandfather, old pop Weurmli has lost none of his va va voom, as he legged it across the fields, plenty of spring in the step still. 

This is good hashing country, and Phil made good use of it, plenty of trail here, and we were turned hither and dither, (good old fashion phrase that, a bit like riff raff, hoy palloy). Thinking up old sayings I've completely lost me thread. God, where was I, oh yeah, plenty of trails here and we were turned hither and dither. 

STD Corner ..a semi-regular column by
Matthew (who whishes to remain anonymous)

Last week's edition of STD corner was unfortunately delayed for legal reasons.

"Lawyers would like to make it clear that, contrary to reports in the 'Hash Trash' dated Tue 30 April 2013, Ms. Joanne McGovern did not 'burp' when consuming a non-alcoholic beverage. Indeed, Ms McGovern would like to make it clear that she is physically incapable of burping, and states, on record, that she is 'only able to make a gurgling sound when trying to burp". Hash Trash would like to apologise unreservedly for any embarrassment caused".

So, with that legal warning ringing in our ears, please find this week's STD Corner below:

Audra : Wow, I'm really getting a citrus hit here - summer is definately on its way ! The intensity of that lime cordial does slightly overpower the soda, which is once again (I'm getting rather boring here I'm afraid), rather lacking in fizz. The straw as a stirrer is a nice touch though (helps to distribute the drink evenly), and at 80p a pint, it's definately towards the top end of the value charts. 8/10.

Jo : OMG, I'm so hot after that run, I could [deleted on legal advice], dripping with sweat and [absolutely struck off on legal advice]. Give it 'ere ! [downs it one, followed by a loud gurgle]. 8.5/10.

PS. Last week's STD from the Blackwood Arms, scored a record 9.5/10, for the quality of the drink, and an extra point for the landlord telling Ade off for f*rting on his bench.


Fields came and went, and Coleshill, came and went, and some more fields, and some woods. Oh! and Ken's old house was pointed out. No's 7&9. Thats two house's, confused yeah, so was I.

Paul, someone you could count on to keep upright, out of the blue,(another good old fashioned phrase) moosed. Right under me nose, (they just keep coming and coming) the phrase's that is not the moose's. A down hill moose at that, down like a sackl of spud's, remarkably no damage done,

So that's it, that's all I can remember, Hey! was it tosca night, or maybe it wasn't, and what is tosca night anyway. Did I mention the large carpark, I think I did but, that bit has now disappeared over the top of the page, 

By the way, if any of you are thinking of selling your bike, I have just noticed an ad just to the left of this e-mail, it says, we buy any bike in the UK. At just thought of a great money making idea, I'm searching for old dumped bikes on the nekt ash. Sea yuo nekzd wek. Moooose. (the spell cheka has gon from the top of hte payg nawe!!!)