Date : 15/07/14
Hare : Rocky Road , Dave
Scribe : BigFoot
Venue : The Red Lion
Hounds : 30     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 11.15 km
Recorded time : 91.27 min
Uphillness : 464.10 ft

It was a sunny day on Tuesday, the kind of day when it'd be nice to be by the coast, but instead we gathered at Penn Street for Dave and Maggie's run.  Gerry was looking for a volunteer to do the write up, but when he asked the hash he was confronted by the sound of silence.  Unfortunately for me, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, so here goes...

We set off down the road towards Beacon Hill, some members of the hash already trudging along like they were wearing gumboots.  Not Helen though, she was flying along like she had diamonds on the soles of her shoes, right towards the first of many 6 backs.  I too hit the first 6 back, rapidly followed by the second...

Simon went checking in some waist-high stinging nettles (he said "I know what I know" and ploughed on ahead) but unfortunately for him he'd chosen the wrong left turn to head down –we were headed off through Twichels Wood instead.  A long slog through a couple of fields, and I hit a few more 6 backs – I was starting to feel like a one-trick pony – before coming out on Noaks Lane.

Several more 6 backs later, and we finally found the long-short split.  With the shorts gone at last, we headed off towards Winchmore Hill where, at a regroup, Roger declared that we should all look at his arse – yet another hasher who's still crazy after all these years.  This wasn't the only outrageous comment heard during the run though – Jo suggested to Dan that slip slidin' away into the bushes together would be a good way to avoid another on back.  It's a bit early in her marriage to be doing the Mrs Robinson thing, isn't it...?

Through Winchmore Hill we headed back out into open country again.  There were some beautiful views – really worthy of getting the old Kodachrome out – but we couldn't stop as it was already late in the evening.  Running through Common Wood we really started to feel like we were homeward bound, probably for the best as our hearts and bones were starting to ache.  One last push through a couple of fields (and some more 6 backs) and we were back at the pub.  There was some discussion as to whether Helen or I'd had further to fly with all our on-backs, but all was forgotten when the beer and chips appeared.  Really nice chips they were too, like the ones you get in America – you'd think we were all homeless the rate at which we wolfed them down.  Thanks Maggie and Dave for a lovely hash all around the world (well, Penn), and for the chips!