Date : 28/12/10
Scribe : Doormat
Hounds : 21     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

For the last hash of 2010 we gathered at the ever popular Dashwood Arms Piddington, so we knew it wasn’t going to be flat and as the snow was now thawing out it wasn’t going to be dry either but Dick are hare for this evening did warn the going was slippery in places.

The On-On was called across the playing fields and through Piddington to Piddington Lane and the inevitable climb. Having just climbed to 170m up out of the valley we promptly dropped back down to 125m through Jane’s Wood to Bullocks Farm. The hash continued east via Upper Dorrels Wood to the long/short split near Towerage Farm. The shorts had a stiff climb ahead of them to the dubiously named Hellbottom Wood and the longs an extra loop through Towerage and a treacherous decent through Sands Bank Nature Reserve. The home of the London Wasps could just be made out through the fog before the hash disappeared back into the beech woods, this time Hellbottom Wood.

At some point around here possibility backs at Druid’s Hutt Graham did what was without doubt the best moose I have witnessed since I started hashing, a full head first dive Tom Daley would have been proud of in to a puddle the size of Lake Windermere a double front twist would have been a nice touch but spectacular never the less. 2 miles on he was still analyzing the possible chemical make up of the waters contents but he is convinced it was of a bovine nature.

I didn’t see it myself but I’m lead to believe Kevin could have had the honour but to save himself the embarrassment used Helen to keep himself more or less on his feet but did earn himself the title Kamikaze Kev.
Hellbottom Wood saw the longs back on the same trail as the shorts through Great Wood to Denham Farm and back onto Piddington Lane and the decent into Piddington.

In the Dashwood Arm Mike delivered last week’s hash report in the form of a sing along to the tune of “ Good King Wenceslas” plus Dick had laid on some very good chips.

Thank Dick a great run to which this report does not do justice.