Chip Advisor


Date : 07/12/10
Hare : Daniel
Scribe : Chicken Licken
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

There was a young man called Dan
Through woods and fields he ran
Laying a trail of flour
That took many an hour
What a very very very nice man

He unfortunately wasn't nice enough to bring milder weather to his hash!  Which is probably why I missed the briefing as I was lingering in my car where it was warm and cosy until the very last minute, discovering only later on the run that there was a short, medium and long, and that's all I knew!

There was death trap at the start, being the A355.  We eventually all made it over in one piece but did take about 10 minutes, dodging speeding cars with our head torches, looking like very startled giant Cyclops Bunnies!  Then on up we went into the woods.  Fairly tricky ground in places as the mud had frozen but still managed to find some wet shiggy! 

There was the usual bit of banter along the way, while following a very well marked route.  Kevin liked to say breast a lot, Karen enjoyed her first check unfortunately going the wrong way, Dick was trying his best to trip people up (the only person I know who can sweat buckets when it’s -5) and I think we saw Ade’s house from somewhere!

Since the hash, I have managed to lose the map and my memory and bearings are so bad (Ed’s aside, Most of us think you have very nice bearings Jo) that I can’t remember the route, so here’s another limerick for your enjoyment….

There was a young woman from Devizes
Whose tits were two different sizes
One was so small
It was nothing at all
The other so big it won prizes.

The second near death experience came when we had to cross back over the A355, right on a bend.  Helen suggested everyone have a ‘crossing buddie’ so that if someone was run over they would have company on the way to heaven!  Thankfully we all made it safely to the other side! 

The On Inn took us past a field of llamas, or were they alpacas?   Then down a road, the side road of the pub, where we saw the shorts through the window enjoying the warmth.  A very cold, and therefore quick, change and then everyone was enjoying the warmth and some lovely fish and chips! 

Thanks Dan for a great hash, and lovely tucker to warm our cockles!