Date : 09/09/14
Hare : Spy
Scribe : Keyboard Ken
Hounds : 23     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.93 km
Recorded time : 87.22 min
Uphillness : 413.30 ft

Last Tuesday Paul our Hare for the evening took us to a pub that I cannot remember Hashing from before; The Black Horse in Chesham Vale. It may be that HWH3 has not run from here before, can anyone remember?

We had all parked in what seemed to be the overflow car park although there appeared to be very little sign of the main car park overflowing, with no more than a hand-full of cars in it.

Now Roger declared that there would be a Super-moon this very evening. In case you are wondering what that is let me explain. Super-moon is an astrological term for which there is an astronomical explanation. It is the coincidence of a full moon or a new moon with the closest approach the moon makes to the earth on its elliptical orbit, resulting in the largest apparent size ( some 15% ) of the luna disk as seen from the earth. Well according to Wikepedia.

Now Roger wondered if Super Cooper would run Super fast  as a result of this Super-moon but by the time we arrived back at the pub any evidence of such a link was widely held to be unconvincing. Anyway it was a wonderful moonlit night with a clear sky as we crossed the road from the pub up a track, then left out onto a field climbing all the time, until we were rewarded with a fine view of Chesham back down the valley.

Someone had even placed a convenient seat in the field, under which the flour for the check was eventually found.
This turned out to be a repeated theme of the evenings hash i.e. checks hidden under seats.

The trail went through several fields emerging eventually onto a lane which I did not recognise despite having set several bike bash trails here in the past but for the life of me I could not work out where we were. We ran down the lane to a T-junction where the penny dropped and I realised we were in Hogg Lane. I had been fooled because on  
previous occasions I had come into Hogg Lane from the other direction.

At the T-junction at the bottom we turned right towards Wiggington and Champneys but not for long and soon turned left up a killer hill which was short but definitely not sweet and had everyone puffing and panting by the time we reached the top.
We ran on past Hill Farm where the lane disintegrated into a stony track but at least it was downhill now. After about a half a mile the track turned back into a lane once more and we passed Vale Farm ( thanks for the map Paul )  I recognised this spot from Des's hash a few weeks earlier when we ran from The Full Moon (a super pub?) a few weeks earlier.

We climbed up a hill on a footpath to the road. I checked across the road but could find no flour, as I turned to return 
all the lights were coming towards me, Ant eventually found some flour hidden in the grass.(note to self: must get my glasses prescription upgraded).

We entered a field and were soon searching for the second "under the seat check". This time three easy chairs in the middle of a field. On-on was soon called and off we ran diagonally across a field ( Yes I know it's not possible to run diagonally, for one thing you would have to have one leg very much shorter than the other)

I have just realised that I'm losing the plot and I suspect that you might be in danger of losing it also, so in spite of having described just over a half of last weeks hash at this point I'm now going to "fast forward" to the car park of the pub.
We eventually arrived back at the pub where Jo was showing Roger her "bits" in the car park----DO NOT ASK!
Well it was the overflow car park.

In the pub there was much beer and chips, a celebration of a good Hash. Well done Paul.