Date : 04/11/14
Hare : Hawkeye
Scribe : Chicken Licken
Hounds : 26     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.62 km
Recorded time : 92.57 min
Uphillness : 877.00 ft

Well there was a definite theme for this week's hash, it had something to do with water and being very wet! By the time we all gathered at the pub it was raining stair rods. Just as I arrived, Gerry, in the car next to me decided to leave, was it something I said? I hadn't yet begun my weekly intensive exercise of vocal chords, so I think it must have been several stair rods landing on Gerry's back which caused it to go into spasm and he had to go home! Sounds painful! Fortunately for the rest of there was a very handy smoking hut that we gathered in to listen to Hawkeye Hare feed us porkies about how long the hash was.

Due to an incorrect forecast Aaron did not come prepared so was sporting a rather fetching supermarket plastic bag in an attempt to keep himself dry. Well, every Lidle helps! And if only it had been a Lidl bag and not M&S, that joke would have been more appropriate.


As we set off, predictably, there were lots of mutterings of "why the bloomin'eck are we here in this weather", "I should be in the warm on my sofa" and "My! What nice shoes you have Ian!" We admired his brand new, royal blue, waterproof footwear. The best thing though was they matched his waterproof jacket perfectly. He looked so coordinated he could have just walked out of the Wiggle website! Good job we're not hardcore traditionalists or those waterproof trainers would have been tested to see if they were beerproof as well!

So back to the running part, the longs and shorts were enjoying each others company comparing wet bits, well mainly admiring Aud's soggy muffs, and forming a 'Dislike Graham Campaign' because of the rain! Kerry was our founder member, Aud the treasurer and I took nominated myself President! It should really have been a Dislike Mother Nature Campaign but Graham was closer! Shorts and longs having gone their separate ways, we carried on through the mud towards Dorney Hill, to then take a sharp left onto Harehatch Lane and through Jennings Farm. Kevin kindly became the back-marker in Roger's absence and made sure no one got left behind (me!) and we managed to pretty much stay together.

The route took us up Green Common Lane and past Odds Farm, by this time as well the rain had let up slightly and by the time we got back to the pub it had stopped. Just in time for us to go indoors!

In the pub, now warm and dry(ish) we quenched our thirst, had some lovely chips, and with no speech from Roger, we all knew what was going on! A big thank you to Hawkeye for a wet, muddy and enjoyable hash, and the chips!!