Date : 21/09/10
Scribe : Sam
Venue : The Whip
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

The Whip Inn, is that the pub with the big parking lot? Getting there a bit late we had to park almost at the Pink and Lily, well not quite but about ¼ mile up the road. So as we heard the 'check it out!' we thought it might be our way but no so we already had to play catch up.
Starting down Main Rd we turned right (or was it left) down the lane towards Promised Land Farm. What confusion when we finally caught we met quite a confused bunch coming up the lane towards us. Was it a false trail every body fell for? No, just confusion. On we went just above Munt's Wood and Saunderton Hostel towards Small Dean Farm. Somewhere there was a long/short split but can't remember where, just that when we got to the steep hill the numbers were down quite a bit. Ooh what you short cutters miss!!

Up on the ridge we followed parallel to New Road, crossed the road onto Slad Lane and passed the Sports Ground. Boy how the temperature dropped turning into the field. On we went passed Turnip Farm (what a farm, they have a swimming pool and tennis court!) down to Highwood Bottom. Now this looked familiar but then after 500+ hashes it is not surprising to run the same trails again. Up the hill we went to Redhouse Farm. Don't remember seeing anything red to call it that but then it was dark. There we turned left (or was it right?) and them left (or right) again, this time down the hill back to Highwood Bottom. Why did we go up and then down if you could have gone straight? That's hashing!! Continuing on onto Kiln Lane and up the foot path where the hare had to find some shaggy, not that easy to do with the dry weather we had this summer. Eventually we got back into Lacey Green and found the On Inn and the pub. But for a lot of us that was not the end as we had another ¼ mile to the car, then back to the pub and back to the car again. Well, it turned out to be a 8 mile run. Getting back to the car I said to Ade that I have to write the write-up but don't know what to write. Ade suggested I can always write about the cows in the field. What cows? I didn't see any cows!

Thanks Dick for a great run and chips when longs made it to the pub.