Chip Advisor


Date : 17/08/10
Hare : Keyboard Ken
Scribe : Moose
Venue : The Crown
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
Hi. Now if you cast your mind back to my hash, you may remember the announcement that next Tuesday's hash was Ken's, and the effect that had on everyone else in the room. A mild panic gripped the room, as the hash came to terms with the plain fact, that this would be a long one, and as it was from Pishill or pizzle as it is also known, hilly as well.

Ken stood in the corner of the room, and fingers were pointed at him. Try and make this shorter than usual where the instructions, and to be fair a lesser man would have buckled and given in to the demands. Not Ken. So then to that Tuesday and the run in question. A good turn out of hashers, considering the distance from High Wycombe.

I got there late, this being a ruse to avoid doing the runs report, Get there late and miss the first couple of miles, see nothing, can't do the write up. Simple. Sam came back to find me and show me the way. So much for me well laid plan.

Off after the hash with Sam then, and after a few checks found the first hill, with two hashers coming down the trail on a turn back, turn round, and run down the hill, giving them something to aim at. It's all good training, especially for Kevin who is starting to take his running seriously. They were having none of it, and turned when they reached Sam, leaving me to climb the hill all over again. Climbed and climbed and climbed some more and then a bit more climbing, and just as my energy was all but sapped, climbed some more. At the top though what a view! Took it in, and then legged it after the hash. Catching them some moments later.

Usual mix of woods, fields, mud and tears, oh and some quite frisky young bulls, good view in that field too, but the cows made sure that progress was maintained. On-On then, until we reached the gate at the entrance to the Stoner estate. Here we were told that there was no flour, we were to just run like hell down to the road, and regroup there. It was here that after 5 miles, yep! 5 miles that the short long split was found. Now I've done hashes with Ken before, and he's set 10 milers and said, just a bit more. Not too tough you'll be all right.

This time, he told us that if we were not feeling fit, to go with the short's. The long's left the short's to it and wondered what they were letting themselves in for! A whopping great hill is what! complete with numerous turn backs, everyone got caught, some more than once.

Finally at the top, to find that someone had brought his kids with him, poor little devils, they looked shattered, as I did it has to be said. One more hill, and many more turn backs, and a short run up to the pub and it was all over. In the pub Ken handed me a map of the run, to assist in writing the runs report, which I had tried to dodge! Hares tend to use local maps, o/s 1/25000 is the favourite, Chilterns east or Chilterns north, or High Wycombe and district. Ken gave me a map of south east England. May have gone of it once or twice too.

Nice run though, none the less, and great pub, Under used. Must give them some business when we are out walking sometime, got to keep these wonderful country pub going. We will miss them when they go!! Look forward to another Ken hashathon soon. I'm in training!!! Moose. (see I can do a propa runs report)