Date : 16/07/13
Hare : Sooper
Scribe :
Venue : The Ship
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.87 km
Recorded time : 75.25 min
Uphillness : 529.30 ft
Having told myself to write the trash on Wednesday, so I could actually remember what happened on the hash, I obviously totally forgot and am now trying to get my beer addled brain to work back 5 days, not easy after a tough weekend at a beer festival!

I do remember that we were all having our usual pre hash warm up (aka gossiping) when we were rudely assaulted by an exploding can of coke, from some reason thrown by someone from a passing car.  Not sure what they were trying to achieve but they ended up with a Moose setting off in hot pursuit, good sprint work before we'd even started the run.

Meanwhile the rest of us set off towards the river.  What a beautiful start to the run on a lovely summer evening.  Along the river path we were joined by a very hot and tired looking Pocket Rocket who'd been playing catch up, tough work on a very hot night.

By this point Moose had rejoined us and I enquired how he had got the cuts on his leg.  I had assumed it would be a standard running moose story but he had well and truly lived up to his name by managing to fall off the pontoon and into the river when playing with his boat.  Unfortunately no one was around to catch the moment on camera.

About this point it became clear that Anthony was fully recovered as he came flying past at his usual speedy pace.  Good to have you back on form and in team FRB Anthony!

We then came to the long short split, where somehow Jo managed to sneak off short without me noticing.  The long took us away from the river through Harleyford though not entirely sure where we went after that as I was trying hard to reach the 8 mile target Sooper had set me.  (I did try my hardest and thoroughly enjoyed a good hard run but failed by only racking up 7.2 miles, obviously too much chatting, Jo that's your fault, in the first few miles!)

Somewhere on the second half of the run, while I was running around like a mad women, I hear that Ian did a spectacular commando style roll (that was commando as in action man not as in wearing no pants!) and managed to come back up still running, good effort Mr C J.

I also heard that the shorts got led astray by Mr Griffiths who took them up a hill and all the way onto a private drive before realising that they were off the trail.  The longer they've been hashing the more likely they are to go wrong!

Back at the pub we enjoyed the mild evening in the pub garden, I had a bargain Lime & Soda at 80p and Gerry stood in for the GM telling us the important stuff (obviously none of which I can remember!).  No chips in the pub but bumped into Lesley and David who'd been to the chippy on my way to the car and got chip donations through my car window J, thanks Lesley.
Great run Sooper – no nicer way to spend a warm summer evening.