Chip Advisor


Date : 13/01/15
Scribe : Klingon
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.11 km
Recorded time : 80.00 min
Uphillness : 470.88 ft

I'm looking out of the window watching the large snowflakes falling and the ground turning white, and wondering if I will need coloured flour next Tuesday if there is snow on the ground, and if so what colour would be best – blue, yellow, maybe pink would show up better. Of course I'm writing this late, it's now Saturday, but why before my run next Tuesday and not after.

Well we started off from the Stag & Hounds going North up the Beaconsfield Road and soon turned right, away from the Beeches on a pleasant evening but very wet underfoot. Gerry ran alongside me and started chatting and for some reason which I cannot recall I agreed to do the write up this week. Very smoothly done Gerry. Cannot complain because on checking Soopers Hashlator of the "Top ten Hares" Gerry has set the second greatest number of runs, but I am sure he is way ahead of anyone else when it comes to writing the Hash reports.

At the Stag & Hounds the hares had told us that there had been torrential rain when they had been setting the run, and the flour - if there was any - would always be on the right; two new Hashers were introduced.
Making our way around the backstreets and alleyways of Farnham Common to the East of the pub, and then heading South and then West there was some flour to be seen. In fact our co-hare Benchbreaker was to be heard shouting something like "Ca'nt you b***** frontrunners use your b***** eyes and see the 6-backs that you've just passed". Several times. Keeping on eventually we passed the Crown which was shut for the evening, what a shame.

I was tiring around here of running on the hard roads and alleys and looking forward to being on some soft ground in the Beeches, when Ant and Andy passed at racing speed. Where the heck were they going? Interesting to see the very different running styles. One floppy and one tightly controlled. Which do you think was which?

The long/short split saw the longs head off South West I know not where as I went with the shorts, headed uphill and across to come out at the old Stag pub. The Stag was no more as it had been demolished and a discussion commenced regarding how many Hashing pubs we have lost with the conclusion that there were still enough to keep us going.

On into the Beeches heading towards the Middle Pond, with some shiggy underfoot and with my torch slightly better than the front runners I moved to the front to light, gallantly, the way only to come a classic knee grazing crashing moose. Being helped up by the delightful frontrunners certainly made it better. We crossed over Middle Pond and the trail took us up to a large smart hut on Lord Mayors Drive.

Benchbreaker told us that it was here that they had sheltered from the torrential rain around midday and indeed you could see flour on the benches where they had rested. We now had to wait for the longs to arrive. Eventually a host of twinkling lights could be seen approaching: very pretty or if you did'nt know I suppose quite worrying.

This was the end of the marked trail as the hares had given up with the rain at this point. The Blonde took the longs around the Beeches back and Benchbreaker led the shorts straight back up Lord Mayors Drive to the pub.

Back in the pub – one of the few to sell real cider - the hares had provided ample chips and dips. Mexican Des had brought the Tosca back wearing a Mexican hat, so Roger presented El Tosca to its new keeper Hawkeye. Many thanks to the hares for setting this run in the rain and the great chips.