Date : 14/04/15
Hare : Sooper , Wing Co
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.78 km
Recorded time : 95.20 min
Uphillness : 735.10 ft

After our usual mad dash to arrive before the hash set off we pulled into the pub car park to find no sign of hashers….=….mild panic that I'd misread the hash trash and we were at the wrong pub on the wrong week.  Scrabble to find 3G signal so we could check the website. Already 7.50pm, there was no way we'd make it before the end of the run if we were supposed to be in Chesham….stress stress………..3G signal at last……….phew we were at the right pub, but where was everybody??  Ah, we were supposed to park at the car park around the corner.  No time to find that now.  Perfect space in the pub car park, dump the car and make a run for it! 

As soon as we got out of the car we spotted the hash at the end of the road opposite.  Anthony was even kind enough to come and find us and herd us back to the pack.  Where we were greeted by Aud telling us she'd had a leak in Kerry's car for us – very strange ladies! 

We started off through the estates of Marlow – with a quick 'Hello Kitty' stop, she was suitably embarrassed by the antics of her dad & strange hash friends.  I checked the wrong way, as usual, and got dragged back to the pack by a very enthusiastic Poppy, desperate to get off the lead.  She didn't have to wait much longer and dashed past Robo Graham to get to her place at the front of the pack.  I took a slightly chattier approach and caught up on the hash gossip on the way – although not much to report, just that Kev had a bad back from too much labouring at home and that Ant was still on less than super turbo form due to his injured leg.

We headed out towards the Crown Plaza and the lakes, I checked the wrong way again but this gave me time to have a catch up with Ade who had chosen this lovely spring evening to re-join the hash.  Now fully up to date on the successes of Gorgon City, complete with photos of recent gig at Roundhouse on Ade's cracked phone screen, we climbed the bridge and headed over the A404 to the lakes. 

At some point around now we split from the shorts and I led everyone down a false by the new sports facility, which Sooper confirmed was the re-location of the sports field and athletics track from Handy Cross sports centre.  Ant & I decided it would be perfect triathlon training to swim at Handy Cross, bike to Marlow to run on the track and then bike home again.  Let us know if any of you decide to try it out.

Then it was along to Little Marlow, up over the fields (the only hill I remember in the whole evening), past a Farm Shop and apparently best fish mongers in Marlow, back across the A4155 and past The Queens Head pub – which we all agreed looked very inviting, and Mr Cockerill confirmed is a very nice foody pub. 

Back past the lakes – where Poppy decided to cool off in some rather stinky water – and towards the river with the hash in full voice as usual under the bridge.  A lovely run back on the pub along the river in such barmy spring weather. 

Back at the pub the dog water bowl was generous, the quiz was still in full flow (and I'm still stuck on one of the questions), the chips were plentiful and the beer was good.  There was heated debate between Paul and Matthew Wright on the Hashalater pub rankings, Aaron found the ideal window stopper (pic below), we learnt that Sooper had only trusted his able assistant hare with dots under strict supervision, and Kerry showed us the cutest film of Derek the Cat and Elvis playing – a purrfect end to a lovely hash evening.