Date : 18/08/15
Scribe : Keyboard Ken
Venue : The Gate
Hounds : 31     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.70 km
Recorded time : 103.15 min
Uphillness : 450.09 ft

Having quite successfully managed to stay under the radar for some considerable time,( Mick's hare raising radar that is), Doctor Dan finally poked his head above the parapet and as a consequence found himself setting the evenings hash. He chose the Gate at Bryants Bottom for his virgin hare experience, a friendly welcoming pub, (unlike some the Hash has encountered). We have run from this pub on many occasions in the past, the only downside being the two dirty great big hills on either side of the valley, at least one of which we would almost certainly have to climb!

The GM called the Hash  to order Doctor Dan proceeded to announce that the long run would be about 5 miles  and the short run well,— shorter! If true, unlike the previous two weeks  long runs which were both set at exceedingly unreasonable lengths of 7 plus miles. Dan also introduced us to a new hash symbol which he called a sheep-back, something designed specifically for Helen and Ant. The impact of which was potentially reduced due to Helen's failure to attend. I wasn't exactly sure about the sheep connection although it certainly used copious amounts of flour to set!

ON ON was called and we set off on the road up the valley. Not for long however and as predicted soon turned left onto a footpath which climbed inexorably up the escarpment. On reaching the top we were rewarded with an amazing techni-coloured sunset, probably the best one of the year so far. It was not to last however and by the time we arrived within a spit of the Pink and Lily at Parslows Hillock the rain had started to come down. So much for the old wives saying *Red sky at night shepherd's delight*.

By this point the shorts had long since left us and if the previous weeks experience of joining them on the short route were anything to go by,they were now enjoying a leisurely stroll back to the pub.

The longs now ran on through the woods where torches were most definitely required if the possibility of moosing was to be at all mitigated.

We continued on,  either crossing over or running along roads for a short distance before disappearing back into the woods again, eventually looping back on to a track which ran along the opposite ridge to the one where we had climbed out from originally, I must admit I was looking forward to the inevitable downhill back to the pub, but it proved to be so steep, tricky and scary a descent that I was in constant fear of falling on my butt so removing any enjoyment whatsoever.

Back at the pub it was a different story however, with copious lashings of chips accompanied by delicious deep fried onion rings all served with drinks in the back bar, (presumably to keep the hash away from the locals).

A great first hash, well set with plenty of flour in evidence and a zero hasher attrition rate. Dan well done!