Chip Advisor


Date : 05/01/16
Scribe : Hawkeye
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.98 km
Recorded time : 88.33 min
Uphillness : 317.20 ft

No rain for 3 hashes running, things are looking up, and the days are getting longer.

20 or so eager hounds rocked up at the Stag and Hounds in Farnham Common, but only half the hares. Apparently Benchbreaker had to go to a golf dinner, so he left the Blonde to it. He even skived off setting the hash, on the pretext that it takes time to get dressed, prepare speeches etc.

The hash eventually set off up the A355 towards the Beaconsfield services on the M40. Haunted by the memory of actually ending up at the services, Mike was terrified at the thought of putting one foot after another in THAT direction. Instead,  he decided against hashing at all, crept back to his car, and headed off to Slough for a curry and Polish sausage.

As the hash disappeared up the road, I took the walkers into the Beeches. The longs and shorts turned right into the playing fields, (past my house) and on towards Hedgerley, before turning left at the scout hut to make their way to Egypt.

I have been informed that Kevin spent most of his time either going down false trails or checking in the wrong direction. However, I can confirm that Kevin did at least get one check right, when he turned up at the cottages in Egypt, confronted by the walkers going in the opposite direction. We sent him down the wrong road and carried on.

I understand the hash headed south through the Beeches, and completed a slow turn anti-clockwise, before finally ending back at the pub. I am guessing  the shorts were sent down Lord Mayors Drive as a short cut.

Back at the pub, we were treated to some excellent chips. Mike made sure he was back from Slough, so as not to miss the chips and cake. Yes, Jess had carefully cut some xmas cake into bite size chunks, but that didn't stop Mike from accidently picking up 4 pieces, that had mysteriously stuck together.

As confirmed by the hashalator, the beer was tasty and kept in tip-top condition.

Mick, having achieved the grand old age that comes with 750 runs was awarded his Tshirt - apparently, acording to the truth always on T-shirts, he can run faster than he does but is too worried about spilling his beer! (Seems sensible to me.)

Many thanks to Lesley for an excellent hash and chips.