Date : 05/03/13
Hare : Rocky Road
Scribe : John
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.82 km
Recorded time : 78.05 min
Uphillness : 641.60 ft

We gathered at the Full Moon on a warmish night. Maggie announced the Longs 5 miles and the shorts 3 ½ miles with 3 options. The hash set off down towards the valley bottom with excellent conditions underfoot. After an onback or two we came across a mysterious flour M. Now Maggie probably explained this at the start but as usual was ignored. This meant " Back to Maggie" and soon the pack was circulating around her. The first L/S split with the Longs passing the Abbey and the Shorts down the High Street both soon to be reunited for the haul back up the hill. There were 3 onbacks of 4, 4 & 6 which were totally ignored by the pack. This particularly infuriated Roger's right hand man Phil the recorder (who was looking very dapper in his lycra – had he been delivering Milk Tray?).

Despite all his shouting the pack ignored him although two did break rank. Soon there was another M and this time the pack obeyed much to Phil's delight. Another L/S split with the Longs into the woods. As is her trademark Maggie appeared and disappeared throughout the hash like magic. It s alleged that David led the Shorts on the Long route in error which was not appreciated.

Jo was in particularly fine form discussing subjects too embarrassing for me to mention here. Later on both packs met a confused Ade who was complaining loudly about the world in general. The rest of the route was a bit of a blur for me but I do remember it was dark and there were woods, roads and footpaths. Graham acted as back marker throughout and was adamant that he would not look at the route map.

A fine hash with no inappropriate behaviour noted.

Back at the Full Moon there was fudge and rocky roads to celebrate Maggie's birthday followed by chips. Thank you Maggie.