Date : 29/03/16
Scribe : Kitty
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.51 km
Recorded time : 106.67 min
Uphillness : 726.10 ft

We started from the Le De Spencer's Arms, Downley Common. We then ran down past the common which used to be a golf course. We turned right down a steep path. This was when we realised it would be a very muddy hash.

At the bottom of the hill we regrouped then went back up the hill for a bit before curving round and running around the top of Branch Wood which continued to be very muddy. We then arrived at the top of a hill where we could see a film being made (starring Brad Pitt) on West Wycombe Hill. (dad note: and where I tweeted Simon and Louise that I could 'see their house from here' which apparently met with some confusion. I think Simon had to sing the song to Louise to explain things).

We then ran down the hill and went underneath the railway line and down to the road before going back up across the field following the railway line to another wood where someone had abandoned a bike in a hedge. We then ran up through the woods, where it was very muddy, and at least three people fell over before running down past Naphill where it was also very muddy and arriving back at Downley Common.

There we changed our incredibly muddy shoes and had lots of lovely chips at the pub.

We then went home, where my very muddy shoes are still in the garden needing to be cleaned. (dad note: hey - clean your own blinking shoes).