Date : 19/04/16
Hare : Mr Chips , Judy
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.24 km
Recorded time : 85.42 min
Uphillness : 674.00 ft

My cunning plan to arrive at the hash before Zac and Bibi to secure a parking space almost got me out of being the scribe this week. Having seen Helen and Aaron pulling out of their drive I decided to follow them instead of Zac and Bibi. All was going to plan until the cars went in different directions and I ended up chatting to Aaron whilst Helen put the horses to bed for the night, after they were safely tucked in and had their bedtime story we were soon on the road again racing ( within the speed limit) to the pub. Luckily we arrived before the hounds left the car park.

We had been promised rolling hills and a little shiggy, which seemed to jog the memories of a few from last week who started to continue their rant re the amount of mud last week. We were soon in a beautiful wood of bluebells with no sign of shiggy to the delight of all. With no time to waste on the flowers we were told we had reached the long short split and as the shorts sped along a path with the Hares the longs plodded up the hill with a map. It didn't take long before we were hareless and lost, although Dick did mention that he actually has hair like a polar bear which is invisible although was keen to have a sunroof fitted or even a combover, as he continued to deliberate on which to have the flour had been found and off we went.

I managed to slip of the edge of the trail but was luckily saved by a kind runner, luckier than I thought as Matt Wright said something about natural selection and to leave me by the wayside. Ian chuckled manically saying something about karma and mud! Jess was later seen trying to be a cow whisperer but was told to leave them be after her smelly hands last week…..i can only imagine!

Matt Wright started quoting poetry being overcome by the countryside and sunset. Zac apparently is now called Tractor …something about mud. Helen ran extra miles in an attempt to zig zag to avoid mud, although I am not sure why as she doesn't clean her own shoes according to Aaron…..hmm perhaps he could clean all our shoes!

Anyway after a fantastic run we arrived back in good time for chips, singing, cakes and t shirts for Roger and Matt Rayner. Thank you Hares for a wonderful run.