Date : 21/06/16
Hare : Klingon
Scribe : Barney
Hounds : 34     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.72 km
Recorded time : 95.70 min
Uphillness : 1166.20 ft

Welcome to another hash trash report coming to you from Christmas Common aptly named due to a truce at Christmas during our English civil war.

Introducing our hare Rob "flat hills" Hardin uttered his initial statement with notes about how Implausibly, Achingly, overwhelmingly, unbelievably, sufferingly and breathtakingly flat the hash tonight was and that all flour marking the trail was on the right. Apart from the latter part of this statement the rest was not to be believed. For me it is a case of Dai-Jar-View with memories of being scribe for Rob's hash from The Fox at Ibstone when many hills when described as flat!  (Run 1216- 26/11/2013).

Setting off directly to the village crossroads we found a footpath leading to the front yard of a cottage and through a small wood before arriving back on the road into the village.

A short run along the road to a check took us down a muddy footpath meandering along a downward trail steeper and steeper with views of the Oxford Plain and the ridged escapement of the Chilterns. At the bottom it all levelled off across meadows with views of Watlington.

With thoughts of what comes down must eventually go back up we arrived at a short section of the Ridgeway Path before regrouping.
Without disappointment the call was up the hill and with my pace the only view of the rest of the hashers was when the frb's were sent to the back. The next deviation was a steep hand over hand climb off the footpath, over fallen tree to the road eventually arriving at the next check where a sign proudly pronounced this as Watlington Hill.
At this my darling daughter exclaimed "I don't want to go down another hill." Reassuringly I replied "It's ok Rob said it was a flat run."
Fortunately to the regroup at the viewing point it is relatively flat and this was also to be the split in the hash for the "barely out of breath, bring it on I'm an athlete hashers" and the "I'm totally exhausted, get me back to the pub I need a drink hashers."

Being part of the latter our small band took a leisurely jog back to the pub exchanging legendry tale of hashes past and taking in an attraction of wizardry at the top of Watlington Hill in the form of a circle of yew trees around an old twisted tree decorated with stones, wreath and wild flowers.

The athletic of us pushed on up and down send hill for most of the evening to arrive back at the pub just in time for chips.

Thanks to Rob for a challenging flat hash with hills and providing us with the Fox and Hounds finest crispy chunky chips and excellent Breakspears ales.