Date : 02/08/16
Hare : IGSH
Scribe : Mexican Des
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.87 km
Recorded time : 89.53 min
Uphillness : 315.67 ft

Under trees, over stiles, on on-ing free,
The Hashers of Hambleden Common are we,
Making good use of the trails that we find,
Trails that the everyday hares leave behind.

Folks in the area,
They can remember the days when the first ever hare of ours,
With a map of South Bucks,
Picked up the hashers and made them into something new,
From the same pub too.

On a wet evening Gerry gave lollies,
And a history lesson to us with our brollies.
The Light Brigade leader was born very near.
Earl Cardigan risking those lives in Crimea.

Also from Hambleden,
William Marshall acted as King when Henry was just a babe,
(In the literal sense),
Plus the first three nobles to sign in 1215,
To curb John King.

Off we went, longs and shorts, towards the Thames.
The first split was at the woods, where the path bends.
Shorties went down the road, right to Mill End,
But then for our next step much time did we spend.

Roger and Tim had sussed,
That we should go to the Weir and loop back to this point again.
But with maps on our phones,
The rest of us took the trail and turned it into something new
And got in a stew.

We got to the villa but rather than right,
To Ridge Wood we went straight with Greenlands in sight.
Only then did we back track to that wood,
As the rain was reducing we needed no hood.

So as the pub appeared,
We had at least done the three miles though a different way than planned.
While the intrepid longs,
Ran round the village and another five miles too,
As they're wont to do.

Back in the pub was a doghouse for some.
While a Tosca for June by Alex was won.
Late because some hare got it into his skull
To hash from a pub on a darts night, so full!

There was Rebellion
Over the beer, until chips and Doom-mongers saved the day.
So it's just left to say,
Thanks to Gerry for taking us to this old place.
Now I've run out of space.