Date : 27/09/16
Hare : Budgie
Scribe : Mexican Des
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.80 km
Recorded time : 61.95 min
Uphillness : 498.00 ft

A year or so ago I was talking with fellow multi-hashers Paul and Jane about the merits of different hashes. After that I decided to take a good look in the hashing mirror and found that in my 20 years of hashing; I have run with 21different hashes But have run more with High Wycombe than the others put together; and the two people I had brought to both HWH3 and a London hash both preferred us.

Although my Mother Hash (i.e. the one I first ever ran with) is Taipei Metro Hash House Harriers, I have never hashed abroad since being on holiday there two decades ago. I haven't even been on any hash weekend in the UK. Rumours that I avoid HWH3 shortly before the weekend away and attend another Tuesday hash are false. I've paid off the Telegraph. Oh no, I forgot to pay off Caboose!

It was good to hear the stories after the weekend away. It seemed to have gone well, though some people were a bit kissed off. It was nice of Sarah to present Roger with booze as a thank you for his noble effort of organising the weekend (with a little help from his friends). This was presented before the start of Alex's hash. We were required to wait for the police as an unfortunate diabetic van driver just avoided crashing into us. Steve was a good Sooperintendant while we waited for the police/ambulance.

Before we got going, Alex advised us that the run was flat (true) and was 5 miles for the longs and 3 miles for the shorts. There would be a fair number of on-backs. Although the enforced late start was run at a fairly swift pace, we kept reasonably well together. This allowed shorts like me to float along when an on-back beckoned, knowing that a keen long runner would reach it first.

We went past a nice-looking building, home of the River Arts Club, turned left onto the A4 (Bath Road) towards Taplow. Then a right took us alongside the east side of the (would Jubilee 'vit?) the Jubilee River. We crossed this river and after a short distance there was a long/short split.

It dawned on me that the longs would probably go towards Dorney Reach by the M4, follow the M4 westwards and head North by Northwest along the Thames back to Maidenhead Bridge. Although I was thrilled by that prospect, I wanted to be economical, so I joined the shorts. We got a bit lost but figured out that we would be joining the Thames close to Maidenhead. By the railway bridge we met the walkers, made echoing noises which the residents appreciated, and ran back along the Bath Road to the On Inn.

This was the first HWH3 run from this pub, quite an achievement after 25 years. I tend to look for good parking first when choosing my run location, whereas Mick looks for good (hopefully unspilled) beer first for his. In fact, we managed the parking okay and the beer, I believe, was good. I can certainly vouch for the quantity and quality of the food.