Date : 15/11/16
Hare : Cockers
Scribe : Barney
Hounds : 35     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.51 km
Recorded time : 88.02 min
Uphillness : 716.00 ft

Ian's address to the assembled included an unusual demonstration of the power of flour with a bar and arrow dramatically shown by Andy Plodder Poole how flour can bar the right of passage against the direction of the arrow through the bar..........The powers of the hash never cease to amaze.

Despite Ian's clear and concise help all failed to discover the trail and Ian had to call it leading us to the 1st check at the Royal Oak. This was also the long/short split and where I was unanimously elected as this week's hash scribe...........Time to pay attention or maybe retire now to the bar of the Royal Oak to partake of amber liquid as literacy laxative for to help the arrangement of these words on the page.

No! Pull yourself together and rise to the challenge, go for the long hash, the full distance and give the FRB's a true back marker to come back for.

Onwards the trail went steadily downhill as the hash did taking on a surreal tone with Dick holding open gates in a gentlemanly fashion and Ian and Aaron's conversation about "one being as much work as two and if you are going to get up for one you might as well get up for two as it is no more difficult with two as one?"

After a couple of Chilterns finest we descend towards Bennett End, an East to West valley renown for dramatic sunrises and sunsets. The hare remarking how easy he had found setting this trail as it followed his old school's cross country route......it would certainly represent escape from the classroom during my school days.

A long slog up to Radnage and over a couple of windy fields found us in sight of Stokenchurch and the sounds of the relentless M40 motorway. One of the fields was a horse paddock and although by the time I got there all the horses were way over the otherside many of our hashers back at the pub reported problems causing Sarah to sprint across the field as fast if not faster than Helen! The walkers were near trampled by horses but for the courageous efforts of Rob and Ken to lead them away.

Back in the Fleur de Lis countless bowls of chips appeared and all tucked in whilst Maggie's Dave had another birthday celebrated with traditional song and Ade was awarded another tee-shirt suitably acknowledging his 750th run with HWH3. Thanks to Ian for another excellent Tuesday evening of entertainment and to Maggie for a pudding of Rocky Road to follow the vast portions of chips.