Chip Advisor


New Year's Day Hash
Date : 01/01/17
Scribe :
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 9.82 km
Recorded time : 72.22 min
Uphillness : 649.90 ft


It was a cold and wet day
We were all on our way,
To the house in Holmer Green,
It was a very beautiful scene.

Mr. Roger welcomed the hash, 
We all ate potato mash (not really)
We went up the hill
And felt the chill.

All the dogs started to run,
They had lots of fun!
There was Peggy, Deefa and Summer
Don’t forget Opal and Hecter.

There were loads of on ons and checks
Schools and empty playgrounds.
We didn’t find Shrek
We went round and round.

The walkers were having trouble.
Opal was in a muddle.
Was she stuck in a puddle?
Perhaps she needed a cuddle.

Roger bumped into a holly bush - ouch!
The leaves on the path were mush.
Down the hill very fast,
We were at the house at last.

We were welcomed by the smell of mince pies
And we were snuggly and dry.
We ate the Eve and Dulcie rocky roads
Rogers cake was froze ….n.

Rob Green got his 600 shirt,
Luckily it was kept out of the dirt!
Thank you for the hash,
Please can we come to the hash bash?