Date : 15/08/17
Scribe : Helles Belles
Venue : The Red Lion
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 13.63 km
Recorded time : 90.02 min
Uphillness : 253.60 ft

helens_legThey say a picture says a thousand words……………….. if so then my work here is done........... tonights hash was………………………….. Ouchy!!!!

Perhaps our GM needs to lend Dick & Tash his trusty secateurs for their next hash, although I seem to remember that Tash said that Dick set all the worst bits ;o)

Other news from the night:

  • Some dodgy flour symbols led us to some very cool (or hot perhaps?) sheep. Aptly named Merino sheep by Cockers, not sure we found out what the real name was
  • Our GM told Cockers to get running and then promptly slammed on the brakes right in front of him causing a hash crash
  • There was a mixed reception to the concept of backwards running – some seeming far more enthusiastic (Ant & Andy) than others (Sooper Cooper). Bewildered local dog walkers just looked bemused at having had their peaceful walk ruined
  • There were some paths overgrown with brambles
  • There were some paths overgrown with ferns
  • As we started to feel the first hints of autumn and the evening grew darker Hawkeye did a mega moose coming off surprising unbloodied and quite chipper
  • Simon came all the way from Baghdad to enjoy the pleasantries of a cooler / greener run, telling tales of running in +40C while on his travels
  • There was quite a lot of walking leading to a discussion of perhaps we are becoming a drinking group with a walking problem? Seems to stem from a struggle to run and chat at the same time. Here’s hoping that the concept of multi-tasking is grasped and the running problem becomes more prevalent in the future
  • There were some paths overgrown with brambles
  • There were some paths overgrown with ferns
  • Whilst running ahead through the brambles and ferns with no head torch I almost crashed into a man with two Alsatians hidden amongst the undergrowth in the depths of the woods. My moment of shock transferred to the poor chap's face when I said there were about 30 more runners behind me, safety in numbers in action!
  • After a bit more walking, and moaning from some of us FRB’s ;o), we came back to the A413 and managed to cross with surprisingly no hash kill as a result
  • Back to the pub the more cunning of us secured the private room with napkins and ketchup and were rewarded with plentiful tasty chips for our efforts, although we suddenly seemed to become a lot more popular and gain lots of friends to share them with

All in all a great hash evening with the bonus of scars to remember it by