Date : 15/01/13
Hare : Barney
Scribe : Ron
Hounds : 33     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 8.84 km
Recorded time : 80.93 min
Uphillness : 565.80 ft

It's -3deg C Tues 15th Jan 1945...the time, not the year stoopid...and I find myself and the dog...Poppy, not Helen stoopid...outside the Pub only to see a pair of hashers running off into the distance, we weren't even late this week! Turns out unlike our last visit to The WhiteLeaf Cross we hadn't headed for the car park along the road. A tiny amount of commonsense later and we found ourselves in the huddle waiting for the off. I was informed of the old tradition of marking snowy runs with toilet roll... (I wonder if I should change that to snowy Hashes)...and that we would be joined tonight by Alex a Virgin Hasher who later informed me that he and his wife are intending to alternate weekly, so we can look forward to meeting her soon. After the arrival of Jo in her new car and Roger who blamed his tardiness on a lack of small tie wraps to repair his car...vorsprung dirk...Barney shouted 'Check it out and by the way it's a right down the high St.'

AND WE WERE OFF. We had a mile or so climbing steadily onup Brimmers Rd then oninto the fields and onup oninto the woods getting steeper onall the way. Slowly changing from snow to frozen mud to even a little shiggy. Wishing we had stuck ondown the road with the Short's we ran onthrough the woods and ondown another field to the exact point that we had split from the Short's in the first place. Realising there had been an error we backtracked to find the correct route. Hawkeye confirmed that the 'False' piece of toilet roll which we had navigated by was probably left there by a member of the public who had used it for its intended use!! We bobbed along quite nicely heading back towards town and back on-inn to the carpark/pub.

As before the beer and chips-with-dips were great with a very friendly landlord to boot. Some of you may know Duncan Cameron who after approx 4years absent...living in Swizerland...had joined us...obviously we aren't easy to forget. Nice to see Andy still maintaining his T-shirt and shorts tradition, but hats off to Anthony for going to the Brewery for the evening instead...nice to know at least one of us has some sense...on(and)on

Thank you to Matt and Ros for keeping us up to date with Kens health , I'm sure we all wish him our best and hope to see him out onon the trails soon.