The Christmas Fancy Dress Hash
Date : 19/12/17
Hare : Scribbler
Scribe : Mr Eager
Hounds : 42     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 5.60 km
Recorded time : 63.05 min
Uphillness : 647.00 ft

Mark promised - promised I tell you - that he'd do a write up for this Hash... we're all very disappointed in him.

Hold the tutting - here's Mr B's write up - only two weeks late.

Christmas is coming and the Hashers seem suitably dressed, for tonight’s Christmas run from the ‘Brewery Shop Emporium’ in High Wycombe. As the Wycombe Hash, it seems so right to return home for Christmas. Scribbler and Waldorf have duly ensured, that we will be running home for Christmas.

Wycombe Hash is like a family. We share each other good and bad times and we drink any free beer or food that are on offer. We don’t always understand each other, but respect our joint stupidity to run around at night, with or without fancy dress. We try to listen and understand our Hash Father, but are often distracted or confused. He tries to keep the family together as we run around and we tend to ignore him and take him for granted. Uncle Barney has to remind us, that we must all help to pay our way. While Maggie and Dave act as the calming adult members of the group. It’s like a large louder UK version of The Waltons, but in running kit.

Our first family discussion of the evening, was trying to get those family members, waiting outside the venue to join those of us who were inside. ‘Why should we walk inside and up the stairs when we will only have to walk back out again’ said Uncle Hawkeye. His non athletic logic, was agreed by other in the breakaway family group.

To save a family augments, I went inside and asked all the clever warm hashers to come on down. Auntie Nicky not only had to walk down the stairs, she had to do it very slowly and sideways, on account of her very large Christmas outfit. I think it was a training aid, like running with weights or pulling a tyre, as it certainly made it tougher for her to run.

Once the two main sides of the family meet up outside, it was time for a family photo. As siblings squabbled for a good place or a silly pose, various adolescent members, hid behind the adults.

On on was called and around the town centre we all went, running at a most leisurely pace. Stopping to admire the lights, we then ran towards the University and up Tom Burt’s Hill. I imagine Tom doesn’t live there anymore, as we ran all round it and never saw his house. We did however find lots of mud and narrow paths. On later running down the hill, we ran into the Eden Centre for another family photo and some loud calling. The last being the On Inn call, so loved by individuals as some family member would be going home soon. As a Swedish friend of mine once said, ‘family are like fish, if you spend a couple of days together it begins to smell’. They like fish in Sweden, so they should know. Having shared various bunk houses with hashers over the years, I think I might understand what he was saying.

The Emporium did not disappoints us, neither did Matt or his Father who were dressed in matching outfits as some fathers and sons do. Not only did the Emporium give us the whole of the upstairs, but they allowed us to bring our various family pets with us. Some thought it was to keep us away for their more normal punters, but I think they just liked our large family.

My dictionary informs me the Emporium means ‘a large shop, selling many different type of goods or a shop selling a particular type of good’. Our venue was definitely the later, as they had lots of good beers and garlic bread, but no chips or that trendy lime and soda drink, that people drink in the big city.

More family photos were taken and lots of Happy Christmas greetings were given amongst the family members. It was a lovely family evening and a great start to the Christmas festivities. On On to Christmas.