Date : 26/06/18
Hare : Mexican Des
Scribe : Rocky Road
Venue : The Oaks
Hounds : 24     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 11.30 km
Recorded time : 116.53 min
Uphillness : 341.83 ft


Well I offered to do the write up because I can’t do the one I should be doing after my hash. So hopefully somebody will pick that one up who owes one, Rob maybe? Who did last weeks hash anyway? Nobody seems to remember where they were or where we are to be!!

I know I was in Greece so that’s my excuse.

That’s a bit of padding for Starters.

Main Course ,

Well, we assembled at The Oak, which according to the SatNav was ‘The Firs’ wasn’t it Ken? Ken, like us drove up the road the wrong way, followed by Rachael. Maybe it used to be up the road.

What a warm evening. Sandra was oblivious to Hector licking her leg as she concentrated on Dez’s words of wisdom. Crazy Alan was back from moors and mountains, as D4 was pining for him. His journey will be resumed as soon as Sandra can get him on his way.

Numbers seemed somewhat depleted perhaps because people were at the seaside enjoying the sun. Swanage maybe?

Anyway by the off we managed a quorum of about 25 hashers with Helen and Aaron hot on our tails.

We went along the old Uxbridge Road past “The Firs” maybe, ended up on the main A412, I think. Yes we did I have the map!

Across a rec and back to the road where we bumped into the Running Sisters from Ricky on their 5K run. Pleasantries were exchanged and they wondered if we’d run from Wycombe. We tried to explain ourselves as we jogged along together. Mike and Roger seemed to have got left behind at the regroup by SpringWell. Mike was offering a massage to an injured lady? That’s what I heard.

We stopped at other Regroups, as instructed - to “admire the views” or just the skinny dippers!

We came to the Grand Union Canal somewhere near Springwell Lock just as a heron flew off, I missed it. But soon we left the canal, up a hill as Dez kindly took us away from the sewage works.

The Longs did a detour over to Hill End and back through Park Wood.

(I know I have the map).

The shorts took a well earned break after such a fast start.

We went into a posh housing development where Judy and Mike had considered buying, but thought the road too busy. So now they live by the quiet A404.

We crossed the ‘Rat Run’ road following loads of arrows and found the path behind the Coy Carp pub, where Rose and Dave had spent a happy time on their ‘walk’, trying to get a drink from a disorganised bar.

On between lakes, as the sun set and the full moon rose while the fishermen enjoyed the peace! Until the hashers arrived.

At the Old Uxbridge Road, Mike insisted it was left back to the pub. Look Mike flour that spells ‘On Inn’ to the right.

So back to one of Dez’s ‘interesting’ pubs, well worth the extra mile outside the 10 mile zone.


Sweet potato fries



Plates and napkins very posh


Thanks Dez for another of your bespoke hashes