Date : 03/04/18
Hare : Spy
Scribe : Rocky Road
Hounds : 18     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 7.23 km
Recorded time : 88.70 min
Uphillness : 1303.71 ft

Starry, starry, night (later)
Paint your palette blue and grey (green and brown)
Look out on a summer’s day (spring?)
With eyes that know the
darkness …. (because Tim’s torch not working!)
Shadows on the hills (of Chesham)
Sketch the trees and the daffodils ( sliding down the hills instead)
Catch the breeze and the winter chills (Andy last week)
In colours on the snowy (shiggy) land.
And now we understand what you tried to say to us
(lots of shiggy and a slow slippery long)
Did you suffer for your sanity
As you tried to set us free
“Check it out”
They would not listen (do they ever?)

But they did know how …………

And off they went down the road with cries of “On On”.

About 20 hashers turned up on a very pleasant evening.Where was everyone else, chasing the Easter bunny?

Even Ant and Sarah abandoned their new offspring for the first time. Thanks Speedbump for trail blazing for the shorts to get us back in time in case a night feed was needed. Also Dez kept us on the right path as he had set from this pub 5 years ago.

As it turned out we were well ahead of the Longs and had a job to keep up with all the sausages, chips and onion rings which kept appearing from the kitchen over the next half hour.

If you want to know the route you can Relive it on the web, thanks to Zorro who actually comes all the way from Abingdon you know! But I can add that there was a tremendously steep hill which we slid down, not to mention those we climbed up.

Jo and Glen decided these hills would be a good training ground for Kilimanjaro next year. Good luck with that project! Nice new trainers Glen’, did you choose brown deliberately. My new trainers are still in their box waiting for better weather!

Roots, rocks and rivers were encountered as well as plenty of slippery shiggy!

After the Long/Short split ,the Shorties enjoyed plenty of shiggy, horse poo and wee up to their ankles (thanks Spy) while the Longies disappeared somewhere else beyond Bellingdon, never to be seen again it seemed, until they finally emerged from the darkness at 9:45! Only 5 1/4 miles ………

As the shorties approached the pub I eulogised about the aforementioned ‘starry, starry night’, the beauty of which was wasted on those busy chatting or skirting round mud. Perhaps that is why Phil moosed as he looked to the heavens. If you want to know about Beetle Juice and The Blue Giant, Ken is your man, our very own astrologist , oops astronomist.

Thanks Spy for organising a hash to be remembered and for the nosh provided by very accommodating and friendly staff. Pity Roger upset them by mentioning our pub of the year, the Black Horse ( next week folks).

Perhaps the Blue Ball will be a contender for 2018?