Date : 31/07/18
Hare : IGSH
Scribe : Helles Belles
Venue : The Fox
Hounds : 52     Dogs : 3
Recorded distance : 10.33 km
Recorded time : 91.57 min
Uphillness : 1233.99 ft

At the start of the hash we were warned it was a ‘Bald hash’ – I thought perhaps reference to the hot weather and the need to strip off and bare flesh – but thankfully not and residents of Ibstone were spared the sight of naked hashers! Poor Gerry however was suffering and would not be accompanying us on the run having set it earlier in the day.

Gerry struggled through the hash briefing, despite his sore throat, and was just about heard over the excited hounds (both 2 and 4 legged variety. The long was to be 5.1 miles and short 3.2 miles. We were also told of a SFRB route for those of us who like to run a bit faster (yes running on the hash – who would have thought it!).

I’m really to hot to write this so the hash will be reduced to bullet point summary:

  • First hash event – met a man dressed in tweed waving us down to say we weren’t on a footpath and worst still we were ruining their evening deer counting! Rob Harding dealt with the admirably saying he was very sorry, it wouldn’t happen again, but please could the chap be frightfully nice and let us through as we had lots of children with us tonight. Amazingly it worked, though I’m not sure we managed to keep to the promise of getting through quickly and quietly – and Nicky scared the deer!
  • There were lots of hills – which us FRB’s seemed to get to do multiple times
  • Ade was keen to call regroups
  • The SFRB route turned out to be the opportunity to race each other against a speed camera. Much fun for had by all and unsurprisingly the giants amongst us turned out to be the fastest – both registering 23kph
  • Ian moosed – unfortunately I did not get to witness so I cannot comment on its quality
  • Zara was faster than either of her parents
  • Roger was heard to have a problem with fungus on his plums, or was it blackberries
  • Martin continued his weekly saga of forgetting something – thankfully only his T-Shirt so no running in crocs this week
  • Matthew did a sterling job of trying to get hashers organised with their T-Shirt orders – a valiant effort
  • Big queue for drinks in the pub with only one barman – but lots of chips compensated for the wait
  • No lime for the lime & sodas. According to Ade the substituting blackcurrant tasted like toilet cleaner.
  • The idea of the hash Ibiza trip was born! I can’t wait ☺

A very enjoyable hash – thank you Gerry (& Rose), hope you feel better next week