Date : 11/12/18
Hare : Zorro
Scribe : Moose
Hounds : 36     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 12.19 km
Recorded time : 91.97 min
Uphillness : 1289.00 ft

So, once again the hash finds itself in foreign parts, that is not in Bucks, scary yes, scary indeed, trouble in Berkshire. trouble in Oxfordshire. Stay in bucks and be safe. Judging by the dark streets, this is darkest Oxfordshire after all, electricity must be a new thing here, seems to be in the houses but not in the streets perhaps that’s considered a strange way to burn money, that them posh folk do, in that there London.

Standing in the dark, in pub carpark, wondering if lighting a cigarette is considered light pollution thinking its not just dark but cold and damp too, and with more than a chance that it will be muddy, but maybe it won’t, and it will be short.

Hash length then is 12k, hey not that bad, 12k that’s a cake walk, a breeze, knock that off in an hour. So what’s that in miles, 7.5 see not that far, 7.5 WHAT! wait that can’t be right, that’s miles. No that’s wrong work it out again, it’s easy just divide the 12 by 1.6 now what have we got 7.5 yep 7.5 can’t be but it was, trust me, and trust everybody else that ran it, trust them too. Muddy too and dark. And long. Pretty flat, so better stop the moaning, but it was long, longer still if your Andy or Ant, 15k by the time they had finished l wouldn’t be surprised, and then with a warm down, running up and down the road at the end just to get the distance up a bit more, why stop at 15k when 16k is so much better.

A square then, very square,  may be a bit rectangular but mostly square. Muddy and long but it was easy to follow. Down the village road in the dark, left into the church yard out the other side, through the mud, then right under the motorway bridge, up the lane, through the church yard, different one his time, out the other side, through the mud, at the top, right, own the ridgeway, nice canter through the mud, under the motorway bridge, different one this time, right and down the road to the pub, leaving a trail of mud from ruined trainers all over the road, as we went.

In the pub, responsibly drinking of course it was warm and dry and bright, electric lights illuminating the pub, wonderful. Roger then and the Magneto award. Looks more and more like a fashion industry award to me, but then what do l know. Once again an excellent speech, no l didn’t understand it either, but Roger does and that should be enough for anyone! As for the cooking oil, well answers on a postcard please, perhaps it’s what the chips were cooked in. The lime and soda was striking out for almost 3 quid! Must be to help pay for the infrastructure to bring the electric to the village

next week it’s Santa Scribblers Christmas special at the brew shop in down town High Wycombe. I’m planning to brake the usual Tuesday habit and have a few beers, or a small sherry if my doctors reading this. Told her, l only had half a bitter at the weekend. It won’t be dark lots of electric street lights in Wycombe, mostly to help stop you getting stabbed!