Date : 23/03/10
Hare : Doormat
Scribe : Sam
Venue : The Argyll
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

I don’t know if this is the best time to write this runs report but it has to be done. If I get a bit muddled up I blame it on the last long run I just did before the marathon on April 18th. It is the great Welsh Marathon. I don’t know what is great about it, the 26.2 miles or that it is in Wales. Anyway, I better write something about last week’s hash.

To start with and to set the record straight, and for those who did not show because they thought they needed a passport (which would have been a real problem for Audrey and Kerry), the front of the pub is 9.18 miles from the centre of High Wycombe. So no, no passport or Euros needed and yes it was still in the same country but in a different county. And yes, the drive was longer anywhere then the 10 miles.

So, the few of us that did make it assembled in the car park behind the pub to listen to Matt’s instructions - of which I don’t remember any. There was something about a long/short split and a challenge for the shorts to make it back before the longs. Off we went along Kings Road to Northfield End and on the Fair Mile. Why is it called Fair Mile? I don’t know but here is a quote from one of the Henley web sites; “Fair Mile is one of the major entrance roads to Henley. Its appearance provides a most striking first impression for visitors to the town.” From here we went up, yes up Oxfordshire Way and some of us up and down. I could be wrong but there was one single track of bike tyre and I think that Matt set the hash on his bike! We came across ‘No Man’s Hill’ just before dropping into Lower Assedon. This all looked familiar from a hash I set last autumn time from Middle Assendon. We still did not have a long/short split even though Helen said she hadn’t seen the shorties for some time.  Did you miss the back arrows Helen?

At Lower Assendon we had the cross the A4130, a major ‘Hash Dash’ in itself, passed the cemetery and up the hill (up-down-up) to Lambridge Wood where we regrouped at the long/short split. The shorts went straight on to Fairies Hole and the longs, after Helen called the whole group the wrong way, went right towards Bix Manor. Getting out of the wood at the next check I wondered why Matt had us run along the road/track and not the footpath. Now it dawned on me that he just might take us back on the footpath to meet the short route and yes, my guess was right. Matt was actually surprised that somebody found the footpath but setting a previous hash there helped. Matt also found some shiggy for us to run around/through or jump over depending on your preference and ability. Passing Fairies Hole on our left, we then run through the Golf Course which I’m sure would provide a nice view in daylight. At this point I had to tell Audrey that it was good to see her on the long run, but also mention that she is getting too fast as my back checks are getting shorter and I don’t get my mileage in.  On we went down around Fair Park where I thought I heard the shorts ahead of us - it turned out it was them but they went a different way to the car park and we arrived just after them.

Oh yes, walking into the pub, Kerry told me that she has something important for me to include in the hash report but she, yes Kerry could not remember what it was. So this the spot where Kerry’s important information should be -  but you will have to ask Kerry what it is!

Thanks Matt for a good run.