Date : 16/02/10
Hare : Keyboard Ken
Scribe : Kamikaze
Hounds : 25     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

It was another dark, cold, wet and muddy Tuesday night and what else is there to do?????
We all met at the pub in an orderly fashion and surprise, surprise after last week’s disaster with people turning up late, Helen and Jo were there in plenty of time. (Helen doing a five mile run to the pub and Jo more sensibly driving).

After the usual waffle from the hare we headed towards the main West Wycombe Road. There were a few ways to check and Ken would not even consider giving us a clue, finally on- on was called to the right and up Church Lane. I very kindly gave Ken some flour last week and enquired as to whether he used it, but he just accused me of trying to sabotage his hash as it was wholemeal brown coloured flour, oops.

The hash proceeded up the first hill of the night, what a killer start!! It went almost what seemed to be vertically to the Mausoleum by West Wycombe Church and then continued through the church graveyard before looping back downhill to almost back where we started. Meanwhile, Audrey and Kerry and Ken took a short cut along the main road and waited for the rest of the hash to catch up. There were a few moans about the steep hill being so early in the run and such a long way it was then off down to the A40 towards Piddington.

After the next check we were sent up Toweridge Lane and another long, long hill. A few customary on backs followed and we continued into some woods and down the other side of Toweridge Lane to Sands. Whilst completing an on back up the hill, Kevin thought it would be a good idea to race a car back up the hill and Grahame followed along hanging onto the bumper to get pulled up. This gave everyone a good laugh.

Back down to the main road then a left round the West Wycombe Estate. Most of us crossed a small foot bridge in the cow field, but a few idiots decided that it would be a good idea to run through the river to clean their shoes, though Yob should have probably have swam through it as he was covered in mud from an early moose where he did a forward summersault. Then it was up to the main West Wycombe Road again via Park Farm Road, where the shorts turned left and straight back along the road to the pub, result!!, the longs went right towards High Wycombe.

The longs soon crossed the road and turned left up a footpath and then up hill number three, through a field to Pheasant Drive, where the hill seemed to never end. At the top, we veered left through the woods and a muddy slippery path down through the trees and eventually down a field to Cookshall Lane.

Now the pub was virtually in sight and we could smell the well earned beer that was waiting. Once through the railway tunnel and across the Braddenham Road, just one field remained to be traversed and we were back.

Thanks to Ken for, by his standards, a pleasant run. Not sure what happened there Ken. You must be going a bit soft in your old age.