Date : 09/02/10
Hare : Kamikaze , Kezzer
Scribe : Waldorf
Hounds : 30     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

I must firstly mention the Hash Trash issue which followed our 1,000th and the red perambulation around High Wycombe whilst raising money in aid of the Haiti disaster.

Underneath “Hash Trash”, it read “Well done all - £1,550 raised for Haiti suspenders”. Interesting and no doubt a very worthy cause but not what I had imagined we were mugging the populace of Wycombe for.

That over, on to the hash. When your joint hare for the evening tells you the run is “quite horrible” and goes on about trip hazards, long distances, an abundance of shiggy and hills, you know that you are in trouble!

After Kev's warning warm up, we set off from the pub in what has become the direction of choice from this venue over the years – along a bit of the Chiltern Way before branching left to Mallard's Court. Here, whilst the longs were ushered left into Stockfield Wood, us shorts were sent straight on, running down to a field gate then on down a vicious hill, which we have on occasion been unlucky enough to be forced to run up by sadistic hares.

The track led to a track at below Red Sea level where the longs joined us and we quickly realised that Jane P was nowhere to be seen. Our intrepid leader, Benchbreaker Griffiths, gallantly volunteered to go back to find Jane, his gallantry aided by the fact that he had knackered his leg on Sunday at JAWS, a fact which he had pointed out within 50 yards of the pub.

Kerry and Aud later asserted that they had been running so well on the Sunday that David had done himself trying to keep up with them!!

Jane and David less, we went right along the valley and then up, up, up into Crowell Wood with someone, I think it was Ken the Aerial, telling me the hill was “a right pig and goes on for ever”. Correct on both points Ken.

Somewhere as the oxygen was starting to get thin, a regroup followed by a long/short split. From the very snazzy map Kev sent me, it seems that the longs did a very substantial loop back down past The Grubbin (no grub there I suppose), then through High Wood, Town's Wood and up to Sprig's Holly Lane to pass The Charles Napier, if it is still there given the sad number of hostelry closures.

Us shorts, led by Kerry, legged it straight on up the remainder of the ascent then down through copious shiggy to a crossing bridle path, this also well shiggied up.

We went right (the longs dropped down from S.H. Lane to this path) and proceeded along said shiggy fest passing a load of bricks, which Kev had pre warned us about, and the “X” which our hares had thoughtfully used to mark hazards following their reputation for dangerous runs gained last year.

Arriving at a metalled lane which heads to Bennett End, Ken gave a quick lecture upon the cosmos, pointing out many noteworthy stars. I can only assume this fine knowledge has been honed over many years of standing on roofs whilst erecting TV aerials and looking for his house.

We turned right along the Chiltern Way and, after a few hundred yards, Barney unerringly picked up the left hander across fields and up into Pophley's Wood. The wind must have been in the right direction to allow Barney's well tuned “Beer Compass” to kick in.

Up through the woods we ran/walked/staggered to emerge at a field which we squelched across to a crossing track, turning right to Raven Copse.

Ken, who has featured large in this report and who was a guest member of the SCS for the night, had a lengthy discussion with our hare, Kerry, pronouncing the forthcoming path through the woods to be another shiggy fest and declining to run it. I cannot remember what the upshot was but we dutifully followed our hare back to civilisation (not sure that parts of Stokenchurch qualify for the term civilised).

Back on pavements we arrived at a beer stop and met Aud, who had gone solo, coming from another direction . After the quaff, a nice gentle jog past Ken's house through housing to emerge at the boozer.

In the pub, not only chips were on offer, but cakes to celebrate Kerry's birthday and 150thrun marked by a very clever “Kerrygold” T shirt.

Helles Belles joined us, having arrived late, and I got the feeling she was not amused by not being able to follow the trail due to the lack of “kicking through”. Please note.

To Kev and Kerry – thanks for a Kracking, Korker of a run