Date : 13/10/09
Scribe : Kezzer
Hounds : 34     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t believe I have to do the write up, as I didn’t even set the hash last week, I only turned up to get my drugs from Chris!!!! After stamping my feet and offering money to anybody who would listen with no takers, I will try my best.

At the car park a lady called Michelle met us in the hope she could join the walkers, but typically no hash walkers turned up. So Gerry kindly joined her. Meanwhile, everybody was wondering where Helen, our hare was. As usual she turned up in the nick of time to start. After a short talk on the length of each run 6 for the long and 5.5 for the short, which was then cut to 4.5 with a couple of ways back to the pub, we headed out of the car park and turned right towards the main road. On on was called and we headed right down the main road, this is where I cannot remember where we went as did not pay attention as I did not know I would have to do this until David bullied me into it in the pub afterwards.

Into the first field and Audrey had to do her usual, I think we all know what that means, so me being the kind thoughtful person I am stayed with her. This meant we got left behind and had to run really fast to catch up because nobody realised where we were and even the on backs didn’t come that far back, but we eventually caught up.

After the long/short split which incidentally, 18 of us went short, which I believe is a hash record, we ended up lost in a field. Here I stood chatting to Roz about life in general and not paying any attention until they found the way and on on was called. Jo informed me at this point she had heard a stampede of cows but Chris assured her that it was only two cows. I think we then went through some woods where we were left behind and tried our best to catch up again.

There was another split, Chris took one lot up a hill and the rest of us went along the bottom with Jo who then said she had no sense of direction and hoped to get us back to the pub but could not guarantee it.

Along we merrily trotted until we reached a hill. As I was with Mick and Barney and we don’t do hills, we had a nice walk to the top and back to the pub.

It was all jolly in the pub and everybody was back by 9.30. David did his usual speech of very important things, can’t remember what they were though!!

Jo very kindly gave me a map of where we had been but I can’t read a map so this really didn’t help but thanks to Jo anyway for trying to be helpful.

Helen had arranged for a lovely spread of sandwiches and chips which was greatly appreciated.

Thanks for a lovely run Helen and as we all know all hashers lie, but Helen must be the exception, because she said it would be flat and no mud and she was right!!