Date : 02/07/13
Hare : Spy , John
Scribe : Rocky Road
Venue : The Swan
Hounds : 33     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
We passed the Hen and Chickens down the road and Dave said did you check which pub it is? I think it's called the Swan….. Let's keep going… there was a very big empty car park at the Hen and Chickens …no let's keep going….. Here's Ley Hill….Oh I remember Ley Hill, the place with two adjacent pubs and a common, this is it! Shortly after parking Mick cruised up in the jag closely followed by Barney in the red devil, so we were ok.

Eventually hashers emerged from here, there and everywhere, two bearing bottles of milk. Oh John you're a co-hare - not the milkman- good job.

So I guess I'd better write about the hash - Dave isn't it your turn? OK.

"John kindly gave the walkers a map and suggested we might follow the hash on their first loop. We followed the flour - well blobbed but then we had lost the trail but kindly Poppy appeared on the track ahead and we knew we were right. On on. We found a large blob signifying an on back which we don't do as walkers (or the shorties) but what did Paul say "Arabic or Roman numerals" but this looked more like hieroglyphs and Rose and Gerry should know ( but the evening classes didn't help).

We had a pleasant walk and chat, back along the road to the pub. Kaivey instructed us in how to make elderflower champagne which is being made in the Wilson household! Have you noticed all the elderflowers out at the moment or are you too busy watching your feet. OK that's it!" 

Dave has decided to cut his nails so I'd better carry on. 

The hieroglyphs were ignored by all but a few stalwart longies but it was apparently a 5 back. The path was good and well marked. At a regroup Barney thought it was starting to rain as Dick was adjusting his 'shower hat'!  That isthe Dick complete with fuzz, not a charity stunt, he can't be bothered to shave ( that is what he told an inquisitive hasher)!!

A sneaky falsie served as a regroup while the pack decided not to return to the last check but just to a large blob. The on was called through the rape field and then another. As we struggled through the tangle of rape Mike was congratulated on wearing longs, as the path was to deteriorate even more later. I was reassured (being in shorts) when Paul said John had used a scythe and they had cleared the nettles on a particular path ahead.

How do you carry a scythe when setting a hash John?

We duly wiggled comfortably down the said path so thanks for that consideration - so unlike normal hare behaviour.

We skirted Botley and into some exciting woods with a roller coaster terrain. Judy came to a sharp halt and refused to go down the precipice and as I hurtled down I heard a scream as Mike grabbed her hand and steered/dragged her down…….. the hill. It was nearing 8:50 and the shorts were getting anxious, no long short split yet?

Fortunately at the next check the split was announced and the shorts happily were directed - just straight up this path and you'll be back at the pub  - cheers for that - but it was a good half mile til an 'ON IN' (sp John) was found on the road. We commented that the longs had at least another 1.2 mile loop so we didn't expect them til 9:30. They arrived on schedule Gerry having done 7.6 (well not so lucky with the checks then, or do you blame the hieroglyphs),  They must have been close to Latimer but turned back through Codmore Wood.

The hash trash was distributed for Dez to read in his bath, Hawkeye over breakfast and Dave as a bedtime story - where are you reading yours?

The GM announced lots of nominations for the Tosca. Dick who had refused an offer to hold it for 5 mins in lieu of the whole month he had missed for winning it, actually accepted it on behalf of the lady who swallowed a fly. Hope you are recovering well Jo!

Thanks for a lovely flattish, dryish run Paul and John and loads of chips in a nice pub.