Date : 06/10/09
Hare : Daniel
Scribe : Niffer
Hounds : 33     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

We think this edition of Hash Trash needs to begin with a disclaimer as it’s written by a bunch of virgin trashers who also managed to get lost after only half a mile! At least we started in the same place…

In the dark, in a car park outside the Harte and Magpie near the village of  Coleshill we assembled and were introduced to three new hashers who, despite the miserable weather, had the sense to join the fun! Having said that, one being originally from Newcastle, it was probably the best weather he’d seen in months.

We were led by two American hares, Dan and Darren and set off together, full of confidence and in good spirits. Not only that, but we all were hoping to emulate the success of Helen, who finished the Budapest Marathon in 3:37!! Congratulations to her.

We managed to get across the road in one group and just about picked out the washed out flour pile that got us going. We noticed quite early on that this was going to be one of the most stile-ish hashes we’d been after we ground to a halt for another time and clambered over again.

The long-short split initially proved difficult to find. However, this wasn’t much of a surprise as the group had manage to veer off track and into a private field. No matter – we got back to the route and went our separate ways. Well, most of us did. A group of three hashers, who shall remain nameless but can be identified by their incredibly fashionable flashy bracelets (let us know if you want one…), were leading the pack and sniffing out the flour piles with utmost of ease. Unfortunately, when the next runner caught up and informed them that they were on the short split instead of the long they set off in hot pursuit of the longs, not to miss out on a good night of running. They weren’t disappointed…

By this time the long split were well on their way toward Butlers Cross and commented on the unique style of putting a stile in the middle of a field with no fence. Funny people these Southerners. Give me a dry stone wall any day.

We would love to give a spellbinding report of exactly what happened for the rest of the hash, but we spent most of it running around the aforementioned stile looking for white blobs…or just the slightest sign of life (that wasn’t in a steamed-up car in the middle of a deserted wood :S)

However, you can all consider yourselves excellent teachers. We finally made our way back to the short route but followed it faithfully in true hasher style! Not only did we follow the turn-backs to the exact number we shouted a hearty on-on to the straggler (usually David L) to keep up spirits.

Finally reaching the pub, we felt most heartened to discover that no one actually knew we’d gone missing! It seems everyone had had a very engaging run – it’s a shame we can’t really tell you about it.

We were graced with Helen’s presence along with her husband, who we hope will take up the challenge of competing in his first marathon.  A number of delightful t-shirts were given out and there was what Niffer thought was the most gorgeous dog she’d ever seen.

As usual the socialising was great and much jollity was experienced. Apparently the chips were great, though we got back to late to sample them. I think Niffer will now be overjoyed to have been mentioned by name three weeks in a row and will most probably appreciate congratulation if you see fit to give it.

We must finish with apologies for probably writing the trashiest of hash trashes that has been seen for a long time. In any respect, thanks to Dan and Darren for a great trash both for those who followed the route and those who didn’t so much!

Jonny, David and Niffer