Date : 28/05/19
Hare : IGSH
Scribe : Rocky Road
Venue : The Frog
Hounds : 45     Dogs : 2
Recorded distance : 9.69 km
Recorded time : 89.00 min
Uphillness : 1205.00 ft

So here I am on the train again, trying to write a hash report. The downside to setting a hash. So where to begin? Where were we? Ahhhh yes, at the Frog at Skirmett, not Kermit the Frog. I should remember it well, for this is where… Dave went on bended knee to propose to ME. That’s how he tells it anyway! And that was 21 years ago.

So back to the hash: It was a lovely sunny Tuesday evening, it was soooo bright I could hardly see the hashers who were slowly emerging in the glare. Eventually Roger arrived with Ade having parked some distance away and called order. Gerry our hare explained errrrrrrr …… a complicated system of long, short and FRB routes.

We all set off in different directions very puzzled. I thought it best to avoid the FRB route and I was right as they clocked up over 6 miles. (It wasn’t that complicated it transpired, we soon got the hang of it.)

Thing 2 was determined to go Long, so poor Rocky Road was committed to indulge her granddaughter, never mind she had done the London 10,000 the day before.

This was soon put into perspective when I found out several among us had done Half Marathons that weekend!

So, back to the route: We inevitably went off up a hill, a very steep hill, and it was not the last. But the scenery was “stunning for running” (a quote from Thing 2). The FRBs kept turning up from behind, panting (having done their extra loops).

I looked back to see that Spy had fallen gracefully to the ground. 5/5 for a pretty moose. Apart from lots of sheep and a few cows and the promise of a herd of deer we were the only wildlife.

I think we did most of the villages in the Hambleden Valley. We were not far from Little Frieth, then we arrived at Fingest, with tales of the ghost that roams the hills and the graveyard! There’s a plaque outside the Chequers celebrating its use as a bookshop front in Midsomer Murders.Then a familiar path that I thought went back to the pub but AaRon put me right as we arrived in Vicar of Dibley country. Not to mention Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Uncle Tom, Midsomer Murders, and even Killing Eve. [What about Went The Day Well? - Ed.] This was the much-used village of Turville with its windmill landmark high on the hill. Thanks Gerry, we didn’t have to climb that way.

A dog-walker was amused that someone’s dog had rounded the sheep into the corner of the field to give free passage to the hashers. Also I think we surprised a local resident as well, when Gerry shouted ON ON STRAIGHT ON rather loudly right on her doorstep. I heard someone explain we’re ‘just’ a running club.

Still a mile to go...

Up into more woods and we were reassured by Paul that we were not far from Skirmett. Just up and over the next hill. The FRBs caught us up yet again and we were on a steep path down to the On Inn. Speedily, (even me) we arrived at the pub about 9:20.

A very scenic hash on a balmy summer evening as the sun set and the pink stripes of plane trails zig-zagged across the sky. I’m getting quite poetic!

“We’re fitter than people who just sit on the sofa” (another quote from Thing 2).

Well some of us try to be, gasp, gasp!

It was a novelty to see Ken on a bike hashing. Not sure where he went, but some gates and stiles must have been a bit challenging.

I’m sure the shorts had an equally charming hash. All Aud could report was she was the only one to do an on back on the short. At least her leg had stopped cramping like never seen before by a masseur, after her Half Marathon. She was the only one sporting her medal from the weekend races. Very nice it was too. Well done all!

Nicky gallantly came along and probably related many times the cause of her shattered elbow and consequently having to pull out of the London-Paris cycle ride. That’s tough. We can only imagine the pain she has and is going through. Get well soon Nicky . Everyone take heed - watch your handlebars not the bumblebee!

Our GM called attention with 4 whistles, to thank Gerry for a great run, well marked (with Rose’s help - I understand that he sent her down the worst path on the hash with loads of nettles) in great weather and nice chips. Commiserations to Nicky but keep taking the drugs; and any more for a boat ride in Cookham speak to Matt.

Now we do need some kind people to take a turn in setting activities for our weekend in Cirencester. I understand Saturday morning and evening are up for grabs?

You know you want to… Simon/Louise?…

As an added bonus the GM has sent over these videos "for those who might have wondered what I was going on about last night."

Pistol shrimp

Fusion on the Oxford plain technology/#our-approach

Mantis shrimp