Date : 13/08/19
Hare : Doormat
Scribe : Tor & Female Prerogative
Hounds : 52     Dogs : 7
Recorded distance : 5.32 km
Recorded time : 92.00 min
Uphillness : 94.00 ft

On the drive to the pub, we started talking about the GM and how we would have to make sure we stayed ahead of him on our run. As a big Beano fan, I decided to re-name him Roger the Dodger.

As we parked in the pub car park, Mum pointed out a lady and said her name was Roz and that she was Roger the Dodger’s wife. Juno said she couldn’t be because she looked too kind!

We met in the pub car park and after listening to Doormat, the hare, we decided to go short.

We started off through a graveyard. We made it past the weeing hose and into a field. We found out at the first check that there were a lot of false trails. Mum said to watch where the hare was going and stick close to him.

There were a lot of dogs on this hash, seven in total. They were Kim, Poppy, Summer, Maski, Rio, Radley and Bodi. Juno loves dogs but I’m more of a cat person. We asked Mum why dogs don’t have hash names but she didn’t know.

There were also a lot of Rachels on this hash: four, unless we missed any.

When the moon rose it was really red, but it wasn’t a blood moon, because there wasn’t an eclipse. Earth’s atmosphere is filled with particles that absorb and scatter light. Shorter wavelengths of light are scattered more than longer ones, so we see more of the longer ones, which are more red (the short ones are more blue). When the moon is low in the sky, the light travels through more of the earth’s atmosphere so it looks redder. It is the same reason the sky and sun look red at sunrise and sunset, and is called Rayleigh scattering.

Roger the Dodger tried to get me to prove that the moon really exists but I wasn’t falling for his tricks.

We had to climb over a lot of stiles.

When we got to the long/short split it was very confusing because there was a medium-long or a medium-short or something and Doormat didn’t explain it very well. We stuck to the short and I found lots of granite to add to my collection. I filled my pockets with as much as I could.

It got dark enough to use our headtorches in the woods. Juno kept almost getting left behind and I was worried about losing her in the dark woods but we didn’t.

We looked at a giant ship’s figurehead in someone’s front garden and then we were back at the pub. Juno gave Poppy her dog treats and we had Appletiser and crisps. We sat in the garden and I was scared about someone coming out of the darkness.

Mum got a t-shirt for running 50 hashes and it had three bunnies on it, who were meant to be us, being chased by Roger the Dodger. Juno fell asleep on the way home.  

Here are some hash-related jokes from The Beano:

Which is faster, hot or cold?
Hot, because you can catch cold!

What does the sun drink from?

Why did the scarecrow win an award?
Because he was outstanding in his field!

Why do elephants have short tails?
Because they can’t remember long stories!

What kind of bugs live in clocks?