It's Xmash!
Date : 17/12/19
Hare : Scribbler
Scribe : Stalker
Hounds : 37     Dogs : 4
Recorded distance : 5.82 km
Recorded time : 60.02 min
Uphillness : 765.00 ft

‘Twas the week before Christmas at the Mad Squirrel

Where the hashers were gathered for a run and a tipple

Cloaked in their festive attire and laden with goodies

Another bake off was launched among the hash foodies

After some cookies and a few pints of beer

Off we all set in rather good cheer

My mission should I accept it was to write up the hash

But hard to remember much as it was a rather boozy bash

With a little run round the town and a trip to the Rye

Where a mist hung menacingly over the Wye

We chortled and jingled along the way

Dancer and Prancer minus the sleigh

In less than no time we were back at the pub

Where it was time for more beer and oodles of grub

Thus it was in jolly good spirits we spent the night

And several weeks later I thought of something to write

Many thanks to Matt for setting the run

And cheers to all for the laughter and fun