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Date : 14/01/20
Hare : Helles Belles , Ron
Scribe : Conehead
Hounds : 27     Dogs : 3
Recorded distance : 11.21 km
Recorded time : 99.07 min
Uphillness : 1309.42 ft

So storm Brandon has been battering the UK with 50 to 80 mph wind binging down trees and heavy rainfall prompting the environment agency to issue eight flood alerts Would this deter the seasoned Hasher? Of course it would not. And as testament to this 27 of us would be found huddling together as protection from the lashing rain for the pre hash briefing in the Spindle And Thread carpark.

Helles explained that the trail being laid by her and Ron having been laid on Saturday and having been rained on by Brendon for 24 Hours was probably non-existent But we should cross the bridge over the Hughenden stream now flowing strongly after being dry for most of the previous year, and check it out to the right.

We were soon on on the trail and going north following the footpath along Hughenden stream to Hughenden avenue, right to Hughenden boulevard to the junction with Coates lane where we found a remarkably well preserved and beautifully formed regroup.

Here the shorts continued north into Hughenden park while the longs headed east up coats lane on to green hill left into Glynswood and then the tarmac finished and we headed onto footpath the surface of which could only be classed as slime. We headed on and with some prompting by Helles (Ron having gone with the shorts) we squelchd on up hill past some cows cowering in the bushes and along the path until we met kingshill road where we did a left onto part of last weeks short course.

.esuoH s’dnarB s’ti ,lleW .tfel ruo ot esuoh tnagele eht no ,yb dessap ew sa ,detnemmoc speeP

.rof eid ot nur a ekil skooL .sevil rieht fo hcni na nihtiw ot ,dooW dleiflliM nihtiw yaw rieht delggiw evah ot raeppa ohw ,sgnol eht ot riover ua edab ew pu yaw traP .tew eht ni pu klaw ot dekciW .yrd eht ni nwod elcyc ot skcuB ni shtap tsecin eht fo eno si hcihw ,enaL hcruhC pu

Anyway we continued down Church path to Hugenden Park were joining back on the shorts cours found newly re laid flour making the going much easier across the park zpast the manor into common wood towards oaks wood but zigzagging back to coats lane down a bit of littleworth road and in to Little Tinkers Wood along to the Disreili monument which some traversed befor diving into great tyinkers wood and down the hazardous Tinkers Shaw (Shaw meaning small wood so why not just call it that)Hazardous because of the 45 degree slope across which it crosses which in wet conditions resulted in a manaslide from Alex and Slippy steps of doom that almost did for the hare.

Then on inn to the pub, visa a rub down with a towel in the carpark, and the welcome sight of a row of beer pumps (shame all were turned round except for the one mediocre Christmas all year.

Nice food was followed by Rogers presentation of 50 tops to Mia and Rachel well done and 550 top for Jo very well done.

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