Date : 26/10/21
Hare : Steady
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : 18     Dogs : 1
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft
Extra pre-hash info

Roger has declared this the Halloween Hash so please adorn your spookiest attire!

As we grouped up in the pub car park it became evident that this was going to be one of the smallest hashes in recent memory. We queried why the low attendance and questioned whether we needed to ask Sooper for one of his special WhatsApp votes to see why? Was it the location (last time we came to this pub Ros & Matts car was broken into), the effort of wearing fancy dress (those who did make the effort looked fabulous!) or was everyone off enjoying a half term holiday at long last?

It meant those of us who attended got to enjoy a very exclusive hash – aka meant we got to do each on back multiple times. The long consisted of Alex, Rachel W, Gerry, Luke, Nicola, Alan, Sandra & myself – and Poppy & Percy of course. Plus half way round we had the bonus of being joined by Mexican Des who had cunningly managed to track us down. The even more select short group consisted of Roger, Graham Q, Betty & Rebecca.

The trail was very well laid, managed to avoid the worst of the flooded areas of the common and was almost flat (apart from the one little incline that Sandra advised was the hill of the hash).

Note worthy incidents on the long:

Gerry managed to upgrade his Halloween costume by moosing and getting real blood on his face to show off in the pub.

Nicola got random blood on her hands but no one seemed to know where from, spooky………

I was so taken with Sandra’s glittery skull tights that I ran straight into the shiggy while admiring them and Alan’s skull was slightly possessed and proved a very eery sight and sound as we made our way through the darkness.

As always the promised 5 miles clocked up as almost 7 miles but we made it back to the pub in good time to be greeted by a very friendly landlord who wanted to take our picture, fame at last!

The small numbers had the huge bonus of being able to enjoy Roger’s baked Halloween treats between far fewer of us than normal, an unexpected Halloween treat (thankfully with no tricks!)

A lovely hash, thanks Sandra & the dedicated pack of Halloween hounds