Date : 16/11/21
Hare : Liam , Mr Eager
Scribe : Twinkle Toes
Venue : The Squirrel
Hounds : dunno     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 10.49 km
Recorded time : 107.32 min
Uphillness : 150.24 ft

A very enjoyable hash set by Liam and Bellers.

The following occurrences were noted.

1) Early on in the run, Wing Commander was deep in conversation with Twinkle toes, discussing items for the Christmas committee to ponder. At which point, the plant from the Little shop of horrors, feeling very hungry, spotted Wing Co and attempted to eat him. Luckily Wing Co and Twinkle were going at quite a lick. The plant did just manage to grab Wing co’s ankle but thankfully our handsome commander managed to live to run another day! He did however sustain a nasty war wound (Photographic evidence provided)

2) Mr and Mrs Dawson regressed to complete childhood at the sight of all the shin deep shiggy. They adopted a kind of kangaroo type action where they jumped very high and then landed heavily in the puddles. Resulting in most of the longs getting a complete and utter covering of glorious mud to take back to the pub.

3) Twinkle Toes is suggesting the introduction of a hash swear box. There was some confusion at points during the long run where some of us got a little bit lost. As our frustrated tail runner and hash setter Liam pointed out, approximately seven times (Twinkle was counting)….

“The F…..s have kicked the f…..g flour away!!”

I have no idea to whom he was referring as “F…..s? I’m glad it wasn’t me. He did seem very angered by it?

4) We also were treated to the changing of the cows last night. All that was missing was the brass band as the cows, one after the other, marched ceremoniously through the middle of the hash. The spectacle was enjoyed by all. It was with relief that I noticed Jo was not there last night. Could have been quite a scary moment for her.

5) At the pub we enjoyed a short stop in the freezing cold barn. Nice and roomy with comfortable sofas and good lighting. Joseph and Mary would have been very comfortable. The acoustics were excellent for Rogers speech. Nice high ceilings and a drum kit and piano provided.

All in all, a very entertaining evening had by all I think?