Date : 05/07/11
Hare : Whipping Boy
Scribe : Helles Belles
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

Sat here at work on Weds afternoon struggling with that post lunch sleepy feeling and wondering what I could crack on with to keep me awake.  Then I notice the email I sent myself at midnight to remind me of the adventures of yesterday’s hash and to write the run report, so seems like a good way of avoiding the day job...

How lovely it was to be back hashing!  Have really missed it over the last few weeks – especially as it’s been when I needed de-stressing effect of the hash most (NB that’s de-stressing not distressing).  Thank you to everyone for being so kind and sending their best wishes for Charlie’s recovery.  There’s a long way to go yet but hopefully he’s now on the road to recovery.  So back to the hash.  A scribe’s dream as it was filled with action! 

Due to Charlie’s custard/antibiotic administration I was running a bit late (shock I know!) and dashing through Prestwood to try and get to the start on time (ish) when I noticed Audra going past me in the opposite direction.  Now for once I’d actually double checked the hash location so was pretty sure I was going the right way.  So quick call to Audra, who was being led astray by her naughty satnav, got her in tow, and off we set again through the lanes from Prestwood.  Thankfully we met no tractors, or pesky horses ;-), and pulled into the car park just in time to miss the briefing (probably best not to know how far or how hilly and hares never tell the truth anyway!), but not to miss the GM shouting at us to ‘GET A MOVE ON!’  We did manage to beat Ant & Sarah who were seen arriving at the pub and but not again until we were back in the pub.  They claim they went for a run (and possibly met the shorts?) but couldn’t find the long trail... who’d trust a hashers tale!  Unfortunately they missed out on some of the joys of the Buckinghamshire countryside on a really enjoyable hash, if a bit hilly after 3 weeks of no exercise.

Firstly we arrived at a VP – no not a visible pant stop, although I have to confess that I didn’t inspect all derrières to confirm.  It was a view point.  And a very nice view indeed.  With Hawkeye Hilary (more of that later), Super Cooper and Cockerill all sitting dutifully on the handily provided bench like a trio of school boys.

Next came the now obligatory hash cow run.  I think this is a cunning way of certain hares introducing interval training into the hash.  It certainly got Jo, Jane and Audra to do some more sprinting practice, fine performance ladies!  Mattador also provided his usual high standard of herding skills with one particularly feisty cow trying to pick a fight.  Hawkeye Hilary nominated himself as hash decoy and a fine job he did too.

All survived the cow run and we continued on our way.  Next check I got forced to break the most important hash rule of not checking downhill to be rewarded with flour.  On I ran, very pleased not to be playing catch up back up the hill.  Then I noticed something hurtling through the undergrowth at me.  First thought was oh it’s just one of the hash dogs.  Second thought, there are no dogs tonight.  Third thought – OMG there’s a badger on my foot!  Thankfully he was in a rush so carried on his way without chewing my ankle.

Roger however seemed to think Mr Badger might have grounds for a new win no fee claim for personal injury.  Personally I think it was a no fault collision.  Matthew asked whether the badger might be ‘set’ for life... boom boom!

And so we made our way back to the pub chatting gaily about what an eventful and enjoyable hash it was.  Until yet another hill when we moved from chatting gaily to moaning loudly about tired legs and wondering how far we had to go.  However I did notice that Gerry was still trotting up the hills so obviously his recent on-back training has paid dividends.

Back at the pub we enjoyed very tasty chips, tosca presentation to a very proud dad Simon on behalf of his daughter Jasmine and learnt that Graham’s family would have likely to call him Hilary but instead plumped for Jeffrey Henry Graham Edwards but call him Graham, personally I think Hawkeye Hilary has a nice ring to it!

Thanks for a great hash – fantastic to be back :-)