Date : 28/06/11
Scribe : Moose
Venue : The Harrow
Hounds : 29     Dogs : 0
Recorded distance : 0.00 km
Recorded time : 0.00 min
Uphillness : 0.00 ft

This report may lack a little on the detail side, as I totally forgot all about it, until I saw Gerry standing in the carpark this Tuesday.

The realisation then dawned that he was missing something. My hash report. So here it is, all of ten days late. So arrived by foot to the carpark of the pub.  Just got to look that up. The Harrow that was it, Oh and drove there, yeah! must of done. So in the carpark where... no we didn't group in the carpark, it was on the little overflow spaces on the other side of the road, sure of it.

Audrey, yeah looked that up as well, gave us the instructions for the evening. That's got to be right as that happens every week.  Audrey was assisted by Mick! No Mick’s on tour, again. 
Kerry yes Kerry, No can't be, Kerry's injured. God who was it? Barney, Yeah Barney of course.

Anyway, off we went down the road, should be on safe ground there. Up a hill and into some fields. Then regrouped at a road, where waiting for the other hashers to regroup I spoke to... where I spoke to...eh. spoke to.. no its not going to come.

We were soon on our way again, where to, no idea! I do remember a lovely view at this point, made a mental note of where we were, so that I  could come back again on a walk or training run and take in the view again.

We were on a trail down to Hughenden Park, brilliant! Here there was some noise thing going on. I wonder what that could have been, wait now, it was bells.. don't seem right..bells.. oh yeah the church in Hughenden Park, that was it, bell ringing So far so good. Now what, Hughenden Park, Hughenden Park. Must have gone across the road.. must have, no where else to go really. Crossed the road then, yeah going with that! and up the hill. Hill,.. hill hill hill eh hill.. ok up the hill seems good, and to a regroup at the top, Why not? it was here that I chatted to.. make something up.. make something up, where I chatted to.. eh..

Benchbreaker! no he would have gone with the short cutters by now. Where i chatted to a friendly goat. genius! On On then, On On yeah good to a... Think think, to a, climb I remember now, we had this climb up a rather steep hill where |Mark ( Jilly calls him bunnyman) was trying to get us up the hill quickly to view the.. daisy's DAISY'S no it can't be daisy's, the mud, no we've seen mud before, yeah and how! Not mud then... sunset, blinding, no the realisation not the sunset. yeah but the sunset was blinding, I mean good, not that we struggled to see afterward, look you know what I mean.

God let’s just get back to the pub, On inn then, to the pub where had, chips and drinks, we must have. Chips I remember this, Chips more chips than you shake a cat at, no its not a cat, well at east I don't think so The Bible, more chips than you can shake the bible at.. stick at, more chips than you can shake a stick at. Screw this I'm going for a lie down.. Anybody know where were running next week! I can't for the life of me remember!!! Moose... I am Moose, I'm sure I am... I think.