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The Shoulder of Mutton


Chip advice dated: 23 October 2018 - Hash #no 1480

Up down pub ranking

OK, massive mea culpa here...Elaine handed me a hand-written note of all the bar prices before the hash run. Which I promptly misplaced. Hence, this is all from...ahem...memory! Fairly limited fare on the beer front, with the usual Greene King IPA and a rather interesting looking 'Unicorn'. Well, you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, and far less so a sampling was undertaken and pronounced very nice indeed. Reasonable prices I think...about £3.60-ish...(of course if I had Elaine's notes, I'd know for certain!) but limited range. Still, Barney had his Greene King discount card out so he was rather happy.
Not beer:
I'm basing this on the rather 'dangerous' pub drink of orange juice and lemonade. In some establishments, this is priced like 'Premium Coke' (just ask Ken)...and no, I'm not entirely sure whether I'm referring to the drink or the laughing powder. Having bought a round, I'm putting this at well over £3, but seem to remember an L&S clocked in around £1.80 so not awful...just slightly painful.
Ah, yes, these were very on point. Good big bowls, thick fellas, plenty of condiments - top job!
The website enthuses about this "Grade II listed 18th century Chilterns inn" with its "wooden beams and candle-lit tables" and which is the official starting point for the legendary Coombe Hill Run" (never heard of it myself? First Sunday in June evidently). What the website doesn't mention is only having one person serving behind the bar on a Tuesday evening. So yes, the queue was out the door (minding the low wooden Grade II listed beam on the way of course) and being a clear October night, it was a touch on the cold side. Still, right next to the station and plenty of parking, so a fair few bonus points there to put The Shoulder back in the running.


A lovely pub towards the northern limits of HWH3's hashing boundary. Luckily, there is no wall beyond this perimeter...although we did appear to run up the equivalent of a few walls in Wendover Woods...still, everybody is able to enjoy the delights of Wendover as a result. Now, if only 'The Shoulder' could be connected to 'The Brain', it could be a top hashing pub, having most of the necessary attributes - spacious, easy parking, excellent nearby hashing ... just lacking the staff and the ales (and a quick flick on the website reveals that lack of staff and long waits appear to bedevil The Shoulder on a regular basis...order early if you're thinking of coming for lunch at present!)


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