Chip Advisor

The Le De Spencer Arms


Chip advice dated: 8 May 2018 - Hash #no 1455

Up down pub ranking

"We've had a very busy weekend." Granted, it had been a long, very hot, Bank Holiday weekend, so it should be taken as a good sign when a pub is low on beer on a Tuesday evening. Try explaining that to a bunch of thirsty hashers though, who as soon as they managed to order a beer, found out that the barrel had run dry! So it was that the Butcombe (£4.05, nice & golden) went first, followed by the Seafarers (£4.10?) with only the eponymous London Pride remaining...and for eponymous, read 'tired & lifeless'. Granted it had obviously had a very heavy weekend, but even so, you have to judge on what's served before you, so on that basis, the Le De Spencer's receives a slightly unlucky '5'
Not beer:
A rather fine L&S for £1, served in a shapely glass...oh alright, it wasn't really the glass that did it, it was the fact that it was cold, limey and cost only £1. Ken wasn't spitting feathers either about his pint of coke, so I'm presuming that must have been OK?
Now, whilst there was a shortage of beer, there certainly was no shortage of chips...or buttered bread...or onion rings. Loads of condiments, napkins, china plates (OK, I made that last part up), made this a most enjoyable post-hash nosh up!
Let's tick the boxes - parking good (reasonable-sized car park, but plenty of lane parking nearby), hound-friendly, and a rambling pub garden...but a very small bar area and higgledy-piggeldy inside, meant that we were all split up (some might say that's no bad thing!) Decent service this time round...a far cry from the time Ade was banned for shouting 'Shop!' at the bar after he'd waiting over 5 minutes for his pint....there again, Ade being banned from a pub isn't exactly front-page news!


Like a little fairy enclave nestled in the woods, the Le de Spencer Arms is the just reward for bumping down a long rutted track in the search of sustenance. You can see why it would be so popular on a sunny Bank Holiday Monday, with its long grassy garden and olde-worlde charm...just a shame that meant that there was scant beer left over for us thirsty hashers on a (still sunny) Tuesday evening!


No. Date Hare Details
152327/08/19Louise & Whipping Boy
145508/05/18Nice Butt & Oompa Loompa
138807/02/17Dashwood Dick & Muttley
134129/03/16Truly Scrumptious
124203/06/14Whipping Boy & Louise
112028/02/12IGSH & BigFoot