Chip Advisor

The Black Horse

Lacey Green

Chip advice dated: 10 April 2018 - Hash #no 1451

Up down pub ranking

A touch down on our last visit. 4 well kept ales on tap, excellent Butcombe Original & Tim Taylor's Boltmaker, both at an acceptable 4% with Brakespears cooking bitter & Gale's (Fullers) Seafarer for the less alcoholically adventurous.
Not beer:
L & s at a not totally unreasonable £1.80 a pint although no one would be turning cartwheels at that price! Cola at the same ticket but at least not dispensed from a pump but out of cans which seems better value. Small but perfectly formed choc along with biccies from one of those horribly expensive looking machines.
Not only a substantial serving plate of tasty chips which got a bonus top up, but piles of buppy for making that culinary masterpiece the chip butty. Masterchef - Paaa!! Also piles of sausages, enough to leave the butchers dog prone on the floor with his legs in the air!
A proper local boozer, well run with plenty of staff to avoid beer starvation. A welcoming, well proportioned area with plenty of seating, drink related sayings adorning the walls to encourage the thirst and the telly placed in an adjacent area for the footie if required. Car park tight but plenty of off site alternatives.


Never mind CAMRA awards or those dispensed by other related organisations, The Black Horse scooped the far more prestigious HWH3 pub of the year for 2017. A proper pub concentrating on the core values of well kept ale, good service, grub at non unsettling prices. Overall just a nice place to be particularly after Scribbler has just set a knackering hash the distance and duration of which would do Keyboard proud!


No. Date Hare Details
Pub of the Year hash
143128/11/17Gritty-Arsed Fox & BFG
134312/04/16Gritty-Arsed Fox & BFG
124417/06/14Speedbump & Sarah